2000 Publications

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The year 2000 brought on a slew of invited publications on MEMS-based communication architectures as well as numerous advances in RF MEMS devices, both vibrating and non-vibrating. The year began with publication of the first dog bone serpentine spring-suspended RF MEMS switch–something repeated multiple times by other researchers in the MTT RF MEMS arena. In addition, a tunable capacitor based on a movable dielectric (as opposed to the movable conductors of earlier renditions) introduced a method to raise the Q of such devices. The year also saw the first paper looking into temperature compensation of micromechanical beam resonators using geometric stress-compensation, which made more plausible the use of MEMS for timing and frequency control applications. Finally, the first paper to introduce a radial contour-mode micromechanical disk resonator appeared in this year as a precursor to a countless more papers from the field using disks, rings, and other bulk resonance modes towards much higher frequencies.

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C. T.-C. Nguyen, “Communication architectures based on high-Q MEMS devices (invited),” Workshop Notes, Workshop on Microwave and Photonic Applications of MEMS at the 2000 IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium, Anaheim, California, June 16, 2000.

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