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Somayeh Sojoudi

Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences

Mechanical Engineering

University of California, Berkeley

Email: sojoudi (at)

Office: 5114 Etcheverry Hall

Brief Biography

I am an Assistant Professor in residence of EECS and ME departments at UC Berkeley. I am also on the faculty of the Tsinghua-Berkeley Shenzhen Institute (TBSI). I work on various problems in optimization theory, machine learning, algorithms, data science, and control theory. A detailed description of my research is available here.

Open postdoctoral positions

Two postdoctoral positions are available in my group in the broad areas of optimization theory and machine learning. To apply, please send me a CV and three sample publications.


  • April 2019: Cedric Josz will join Columbia University as an Assistant Professor in Fall 2019.

  • December 2018: I received a grant from Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR).

  • October 2018: The Berkeley team led by me has been selected to receive funding to participate in the ARPA-E $4M Cash Prize Grid Optimization (GO) Competition (link 1, link 2).

  • September 2018: I received a grant from NSF.

  • July 2018: I have been appointed as an Associate Editor of IEEE Access.

  • June 2018: I received a grant from the Office of Naval Research.

  • May 2018: I will teach a 16-hour short course on Optimization and Machine Learning in Shenzhen, China, May 8-13.

  • January 2018: Our paper “Closed-form Solution and Sparsity Path for Inverse Covariance Estimation Problem” has been selected as one of the five best student award finalists for the American Control Conference 2018.

  • January 2018: Our tutorial session “Optimization and Machine Learning: Theory, Algorithms, and Applications” has been accepted for the 2018 American Control Conference (contributors: Sam Coogan, Murat Arcak, Javad Lavaei, Richard Zhang, Cedric Josz, and Somayeh Sojoudi).

  • December 2017: I have given talks at McGill University, University of Melbourne and UC Berkeley's GraphXD seminar series on learning sparse graphical models.

  • August 2017: Dr. Cedric Josz has joined my group as a postdoctoral scholar.

  • August 2017: I will give a talk on machine learning at INFORMS 2017.

  • August 2017: I gave a seminar at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

  • June 2017: I have been appointed as a Conference Editorial Board (CEB) Associate Editor of the IEEE Control Systems Society.

  • August 2016: I have been appointed as an Associate Editor of IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid.

  • December 2014: I am a co-author of a best student paper award finalist for the 53rd IEEE Conference on Decision and Control.

  • October 2014: I chaired the session “Control Applications and Nonlinear Control” for IEEE 52nd Annual Allerton Conference on Communication, Control and Computing, 2014.

  • October 2014: I co-chaired the session ‘‘Stochastic Systems and Control" for IEEE 52nd Annual Allerton Conference on Communication, Control and Computing, 2014.