Living with Silicon After the Year 2010


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Living with Silicon After the Year 2010

Study Participants

“Gulf War” 2010

Nashua, 2010

NASA Ames, 2010


Semiconductor Industry Growth

Semiconductor Capital Investment

Today’s Design Methodologies Will Not Scale Much Further

Silicon Landscape in 2010

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Fully Programmable

Microprocessor 2010

SAR Image Formation

Integrated Sensor Systems

What is a System-on-a-Chip?

Single-Chip Silicon Implementation Styles

ASIC Design Starts

Particular Function (e.g. MPEG)

Near-Term Micro-Architectures

Access to SOC Silicon

Advanced CMOS Design Methodology


What is MIL-SOC?

Military-Specific IP

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Why is MIL-SOC Critical to the Military?

Prefer Agile Computing Approaches

Why Won’t MIL-SOC Happen?

Why Won’t MIL-SOC Happen?

Why Won’t MIL-SOC Happen?


Enabling MIL-SOC

Architecture for MIL-SOC

Software Infrastructure: What is the SOC Programming Model?

A Vision: Design System 2010

Making IP Portable

IP-Based Block Design

Automated Interface Synthesis

Research Challenges

Why Start Now?

Enabling MIL-SOC

Commercial versus Military: Different Emphasis

Access to MIL-SOC Silicon

Definition of Success

Summary: From SOC to MIL-SOC

Author: Richard Newton


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