CS162: Operating Systems and Systems Programming


WeekDay#TitleReadingHW AssignedProjectEvent
1W 08/261Intro to CS162 [ppt]A&D Ch1
Section 1: Tools
HW0: Executable
due 9/07
F 08/28
2M 08/312Introduction to the Process [ppt]A&D CH2 1-7, 3.1-3
Section 2: Processes (soln)
W 09/023Processes, Fork, I/O, Files [ppt]A&D 2.8-9, 3.1-3
Section 2: Processes
F 09/04Early Drop Deadline! (Must drop course by today!)

Drop Deadline

3M 09/07Labor Day (No Class)HW1: Basic Shell
due 9/21
W 09/094I/O Continued, Sockets, Networking [ppt]A&D 2.10-11, 3.4-6, 11.1-2
Section 3: Syscalls, Sockets (soln)
F 09/11
4M 09/145Concurrency: Processes and Threads [ppt]A&D Ch 4.1-5, OSC 2.7, 3.6
W 09/166Cooperating threads, Synchronization [ppt]A&D Ch 4.5-10, OSC Ch 6
Section 4: Threads (soln)
Threads release
F 09/18
5M 09/217Mutual Exclusion, Lock Implementation [ppt]A&D 5.1-9
John R. Garman, "The Bug Heard 'round the World,"
ACM SIGSOFT Software Engineering Notes, Vol 6 No 5, Oct 1981
Nancy Leveson, "Medical Devices: The Therac-25",
Safeware: System Safety and Computers, Adison-Wesley, 1995
HW2: HTTP Server
due 10/05
W 09/238Semaphores, Condition Variables, Readers/Writers [ppt]A&D 5.4, 5.7
Section 5: Synchronization, Scheduling (soln)
F 09/25Initial Design Doc Due
6M 09/289Synchronization (Finish), Scheduling [ppt]A&D 7.1
W 09/3010Advanced Scheduling, Deadlock [ppt]A&D 7.2-5
Section 6: Spin Locks, Scheduling and Fairness (soln)
F 10/02
7M 10/0511Deadlock, Address Translation, Virtual Memory [ppt]A&D 2.7, 6.5, 8.1-2HW3: Malloc
due 11/04
W 10/0712Address Translation, Caching [ppt]A&D 8.3, 9.1-7
Section 7: Calling Conventions and Address Translation (soln)
F 10/09 final code handinMT1 Review Session (Sunday 2-4, 306 Soda)
8M 10/1213Address Translation, Caching (Con't) [ppt] final report submission
W 10/14Midterm I (No class): Location: 145/155 Dwinelle, 6:30-9:30pm
Section 8: Wait/Exit and Address Translation (soln)
Userprog releaseMidterm 1 (6:30-9:30pm)
F 10/16
9M 10/1914Caching (finished), Demand Paging [ppt]A&D 9.6-7
W 10/2115Demand Paging (finished), I/O start [ppt]
Section 9: I/O and File Systems (soln)
F 10/23Initial Design Doc Due
10M 10/2616Input/Output, I/O Layers, Storage DevicesI/O Performance and Low-level Optimization [ppt]OSC 13.1-5, A&D 11.1-4, 12, A&D 12.1, 7.5
W 10/2817Performance, StorageDevices, Queueing theory [ppt]A&D 12-12.3
Section 10: File Systems and Queueing Theory (soln)
F 10/30
11M 11/0218File SystemsDesign: Concept to FAT, Advanced File Systems: FFS, NTFS, COW [ppt]A&D 11-11.4, A&D 13.1-13.3
W 11/0419FileSystems (finished), MMAP [ppt]Fast File System
Section 10: File Systems and Queueing Theory (soln)
F 11/06 final code handin
12M 11/0920Reliability, Transactions, Distributed system [ppt]final report submission
W 11/11Veterans Day (No classes)
Section 11: File System Details and Reliability (soln)
File Systems release
F 11/13
13M 11/1621Distributed Systems (Con't), Layering, TCP/IP [ppt] end-to-end paper, Dist Sys: RPC,
The Byzantine Generals Problem.
HW4: 2PC/KV Store due 12/04
W 11/1822Distributed Systems (Con't): TCP/IP, Distributed Decision Making, NFS, AFS file systems [ppt]NFS Chap , Van J's TCP paper
Section 12: Two Phase Commit (soln)
F 11/20Initial Design Doc DueMT2 Review Session (Sunday 2-4, 306 Soda)
14M 11/23 Midterm II (No Class): Location TBAMidterm 2 (7:00-10:00)
W 11/25Non-Instructional Holiday (No classes)
Th 11/26Thanksgiving Holiday (No classes)
F 11/27Thanksgiving Holiday (No classes)
15M 11/3023Distributed Storage, Key Value Stores, Security, Consistency [ppt]
W 12/0224Security, Cloud Services & Cloud Infrastructure [ppt]
Section 13: Distributed Systems (soln)
F 12/04
16M 12/0725Optional: Internet of Things, Quantum Computing [ppt]Smart Sensors to Network the World,
A Fault Tolerant, Area-Efficient Architecture for Shor's Factoring Algorithm
W 12/09RRNo Meeting
Practice Final (soln)
Wed: final code handin, Thurs: final report
F 12/11RRNo Meeting
17F 12/18Final ExamGroup 19, 3-6pm, Wheeler Auditorium

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12:00-12:30 DIS: 179 STANLEY (Roger)
1:00-1:30 DIS: 87 EVANS (Alec) DIS: 246 DWINELLE (Andrew)
2:00-2:30 DIS: 310 HEARST MINING (Jackson) DIS: 6 EVANS (Alec)
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4:00-4:30 DIS: 102 WURSTER (William)
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