Biomimetic Millisystems Lab


Past Projects
Tactile Sensing
tactile display
Tactile sensor
Tele-Taction and Tactile Sensing (1982-2002)
tactile cylinder
Tactile sensing of cylinder contact E. Nicolson PhD (1994)
tactile sensing
tactile sensing movie (1987)

  • construction of capacitive tactile sensor (1993)
  • Manipulation and Soft Fingers
    Stanford/JPL Hand

    Dexterous Manipulation, etc. from '80s and movie e.g. ICRA 1986
    Stanford/JPL Hand

    Part rolling (1984) movie e.g. IEEE JRA 1986 and ACC 1984.
    nut on bolt
    Manipulation with soft fingers (1991)
    soft finger
    Soft finger design by Michael Cohn (1991). movie
    Desktop rapid prototyping millirobots (2000-2008)
    stacked microparts
    Dextrous manipulation and microassembly movie mpg
    Eiji Shimada's microassembly page

    porbe pushing
    Manipulation of microparts using force controlled pushing (1998)
                      folded gripper
    Folded polysilicon microgripper (1991)

    nut on

    Dynamic modelling of threaded insertion (1991)

    Millirobotics for Minimally-Invasive surgery (1994-2004)
    Mobile Robots
    Micromechanical Flying Insect (1998-2008)
    The goal of this project is to develop an autonomous 0.1 gram flying robot using insect-inspired wing kinematics. Flight mill lift movie (2002) MFI suspended on wire movie (2003)
    prototype kits
    MilliRobot Prototyping using Composite Fiber Toolkits (2000-2007)
    We developed a low cost (<$1000)) desktop factory which will allow users to build millirobots from a kit of components.
    race cars
    UCB EECS 192 Mechatronics Design Lab (1996)
    Completely autonomous race cars, using IR beacons for tracking other cars, and optical track following. On-board computation is 8 bit processor (6811). Start signal is given by camera flash. Car with most laps in 2 minutes is the winner.
    MicroGlider Project (2004-2005)
    air hockey robot
    Credit card robot: squeeze film levitated, magnetically driven.(1992)

    credit card robot
    Credit card robot (1995)

    maze for paramecia
    Maze solving by paramecia (1990)
    Control of paramecia
    Paramecia Control (1991)
    Acrobot hopping (1992) simulation .mp4
    acrobot acrobot
    Acrobot project 1988-1993. See e.g.  ``Control of a Two-Link Robot to Achieve Sliding and Hopping Gaits'', IEEE ICRA 1992.
    open loop .wmv and sim .wmv


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