Biomimetics Millisystem Lab


Lab Facilities
lab view
Prototype processing area
Laser micromachining system
wind tunnel
Arena for ambulation testing
force testing system
Precision force/displacement testing station

Research Tools
  Prototyping Folded Robots
  Microlaze and Thermojet
  Tactile Sensor Construction
  Pneumatic Tactile Display Fabrication
  Laser Micromachining
  Synthetic Gecko Adhesion Bibliography
  Do-it-yourself gecko tape (ages 13 and up)
  ImageProc dsPIC33F CPU board for robot control
  OpenRoACH 15 cm cardboard robot (on GitHub)
  OpenRoACH 1.1 with electronics, code, BoM
  open source tracked robot with Linux/ROS.
  miniature BLDC motor driver board and code

ICRA 2006 Plenary ``Challenges for Effective MilliRobots'' Movies and References
EECS PhD Theses (list) EECS MS Reports (list)

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