University of California at Berkeley
Dept of Electrical Enginring & Computer Sciences

CS 287: Advanced Robotics, Fall 2015

Fall 2013 offering (reasonably similar to current year's offering)
Fall 2012 offering (reasonably similar to current year's offering)
Fall 2011 offering (fairly similar to current year's offering)
Fall 2009 offering (not particularly closely matched to current year's offering)

Professor: Pieter Abbeel
TAs: Sandy Huang and Zoe McCarthy
Lectures: Tuesdays and Thursdays, Session 1: 9:30-11am in 405 Soda Hall; Session 2: 4-5:30pm in 310 Soda Hall
Office Hours:
Pieter: Mondays 1:15-2:15pm (and by email arrangement) in 746 Sutardja Dai Hall
Sandy: Wednesdays 4-5pm in 730 Sutardja Dai Hall
Zoe: Fridays noon-1pm in 411 Soda Hall
Communication: Piazza is intended for general questions about the course, clarifications about assignments, student questions to each other, discussions about material, and so on. To sign up, go to the Piazza website and sign up with "UC Berkeley" and "CS287" for your school and class.



Assignment policy

Final Project

The final project could be either of the following, where in each case the topic should be closely related to the course: Ideally, the project covers interesting new ground and might be the basis for a future conference paper submission or product. You are encouraged to come up with your own project ideas, yet make sure to pass them by Pieter before you submit your abstract.

Logistics and Timeline


Class Goals