Angjoo Kanazawa

Angjoo Kanazawa 

I am a BAIR postdoc at UC Berkeley adviced by Jitendra Malik, Alexei E. Efros and Trevor Darrell.
I completed my PhD in CS at the University of Maryland, College Park with my advisor David Jacobs. Prior to UMD, I spent four wonderful years at NYU where I worked with Rob Fergus and completed my BA in Mathematics and Computer Science.

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Research Interest

My work focuses on single-view 3D reconstruction of animals including humans. Animals are interesting subjects because they are deformable objects, but also because ground truth 3D data for animals are non-practical to acquire. This motivates interesting questions like how can we learn a model that can infer the 3D shape from a single image, without having access to large-scale ground truth 3D data, but from observing 2D images and videos? Also, animal pictures are a lot of fun to work with.

I believe the key to solving this problem is having a strong prior on object pose and shape, which can resolve many of the ambiguities. I am also interested in exploring how deep learning methods can be used for building such models.




Single-View 3D Reconstruction of Animals
Angjoo Kanazawa
Doctoral Thesis, University of Maryland, August 2017