Shubham Goel
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Hello! I am a PhD student at UC Berkeley advised by Prof. Jitendra Malik and Prof. Angjoo Kanazawa. I like computer vision and am interested in all things 3D!

Before coming to berkeley, I spent 4 wonderful years at IIT Bombay as an undergraduate where I worked on computer vision with Prof. Arjun Jain and on formal methods with Prof. Supratik Chakraborty. During that time, I also had the pleasure of summer-interning with some amazing folks in Europe.


Shape and Viewpoint without Keypoints
Boolean Functional Synthesis: Hardness and Practical Algorithms*
What's hard about Boolean Functional Synthesis? *
Computing Scores of Forwarding Schemes in Switched Networks with Probabilistic Faults*

* Equal contributions. Sorted alphabetically by last name.


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