About Me

Hello, I'm Evonne! I am a Ph.D. student in UC Berkeley's EECS program, where I am co-advised by Prof. Trevor Darrell and Prof. Angjoo Kanazawa. I am also a Visiting Resarcher at Meta AI Research. My current interests revolve around using computer vision techniques to investigate how humans interact in social settings. I am excited about applying this insight towards enabling machines to engage in social interactions.

Prior, I was fortunate to have Prof. Kristen Grauman as my research advisor, during which we worked on ego-centric video analysis for ego-pose prediction. I recieved a B.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering and a B.S. in Computer Science from The University of Texas at Austin.


* I will be co-organizing the first Artificial Social Intelligence Workshop at CVPR 2022.
* My art piece 'Penny' has been selected for display in Sproul Hall at UC Berkeley! The installation can now be found on the 3rd floor.
* I had a fun feature in Women in Computer Vision for the CVPR Daily.

Research Publications

Learning to Listen: Modeling Non-Deterministic Dyadic Facial Motion
E. Ng, H. Joo, L. Hu, H. Li, T. Darrell, A. Kanazawa,
S. Ginosar. 2022

In CVPR 2022

Body2Hands: Learning to Infer 3D Hands from Conversational Gesture Body Dynamics
E. Ng, S. Ginosar, T. Darrell, H. Joo. 2021

In CVPR 2021

Work Experience

Internships and Research Positions

Outside of Work


Outside of work, I like to dabble in a variety of things. Recently, I've been spending my free time baking, playing the guitar, and swimming.

As a fun fact, I always do an acrylic rendition of one of my photographs after each of my travels/vacations. So far I've covered Austin, Utah, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, and a few others! I am especially drawn towards cityscapes, but I've recently gotten more into nature paintings.

You can check out some of my paintings and photography down below!

Amsterdam 2021


Lassen Peak Hike 2019


Downtown Austin 2018


Reflections 2019


Penny 2016


Yosemite 2019