Here is the schedule for CS 470 / CSE 414 on the Geometry and Topology of Grid Generation. The part refering to the future is anticipated and subject to change. course schedule


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Lecture Notes

Here is a list of .ps files of the lectures delivered so far.
  1. Two-dimensional Meshes
    1. Delaunay Triangulations
    2. Edge-flipping
    3. Randomized Incremental Construction
    4. Delaunay Refinement
  2. Combinatorial Topology
    1. Simplicial Complexes
    2. Spaces and Manifolds
    3. Euler Characteristic
  3. Surface Simplification
    1. Edge Contraction Algorithm
    2. Preserving Topology
    3. Simplicial Maps
    4. Error Measure
  4. Shape Reconstruction
    1. Near Neighbor Graphs (currently missing)
    2. Two-dimensional Alpha Shapes
    3. Restricted Delaunay triangulations (currently missing)
    4. Crust (currently missing)
  5. Three-dimensional Meshes
    1. Voronoi and Delaunay Complexes
    2. Flipping
    3. Delaunay Refinement
    4. Slivers
  6. Polyhedral Combinatorics
    1. Indicator Functions
    2. Non-convex Polyhedra
    3. Volume by Integration
  7. Smooth Surfaces
    1. Curvature
    2. Vector Space of Circles
    3. Envelopes and Skin
    4. Mixed Complex

Open Problems

We have the habit of stating one open problem per lecture. Here is a list of .ps files of the open problems discussed so far.

Homework Assignments

We have a set of homework problems for each chapter. I expect you solve half of the problems. The solution of each problem should fit on one page. Official faculty home page

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