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CS 287: Advanced Robotics, Fall 2011

Fall 2009 offering (not particularly closely matched to current year's offering)

Instructor: Pieter Abbeel
Lectures: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 3:30pm-5:00pm, 320 Soda Hall
Office Hours: Wednesdays 2:00-3:00pm (and by email arrangement) in 746 Sutardja Dai Hall
Communication: Piazza is intended for general questions about the course, clarifications about assignments, student questions to each other, discussions about material, and so on. I strongly encourage all students to participate in discussion, ask, and answer questions through this site. I will monitor discussions closely. To sign up, go to the Piazza website and sign up with "UC Berkeley" and "CS287" for your school and class.



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All assignments and data provided in assignments is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. Attribution: "This work was authored by Pieter Abbeel for the Fall 2011 offering of CS 287 Advanced Robotics at UC Berkeley."


Class Goals


Assignment policy

Syllabus and materials

A tentative list of topics includes (subject to change!):
PR = Probabilistic Robotics, Thrun, Burgard, Fox, MIT Press 2006.
All slides are available here.
A couple of students have volunteered to record and post lecture videos. They are posting them here.
If your probability is rusty, you might want to handpick some homework/section exercises from past CS188 offerings, located here and similar url's replacing sp11 with fa10, sp10, fa09, etc.
Lecture Topic Readings Optional/Additional Readings
Th Aug 25 Course Introduction
Tu Aug 30 Probability Review, Bayes Filters Intro: PR 1; Probability Review and Bayes Filters: PR 2
Th Sep 1 Motion Models, Beam Sensor Models, Particle Filters and Localization Motion Models: PR 5.1, 5.2, 5.3; Beam Sensor: PR 6.1, 6.2, 6.3; Particle Filters: PR 4; Localization: PR 8.1, 8.3
Tu Sep 6 Particle Filters++ Particle Filters: PR 4 Doucet, Godsill, Andrieu, 1998, Arulampalam et al., 2002
Th Sep 8 Mapping with Known Poses Mapping with Known Poses: PR 9
Tu Sep 13 Mapping with Known Poses, Rao-Blackwellized Particle Filters Doucet, de Freitas, Murphy, Russell
Th Sep 15 gMapping, Scan Matching Grisetti, Stachniss, Burgard T-RO 2006
Tu Sep 20 Multivariate Gaussians PR 3
Th Sep 22 Kalman Filtering PR 3 From Gauss to Kalman
Tu Sep 27 EKF, UKF PR 3 Julier and Uhlmann, the UKF
Th Sep 29 Smoother, MAP
Tu Oct 4 Maximum Likelihood, EM
Th Oct 6 SEIF, EnKF, EKF-SLAM, FastSLAM, GraphSLAM (, SE(3))
Tu Oct 11 MDP's, Value Iteration Sutton and Barto, Reinforcement Learning, Chapters 3 and 4
Th Oct 13 Discretization of Continuous State Space MDP's Moore and Atkeson, 1993, Munos and Moore, MLJ 2001, Chow and Tsitsiklis, 1991, Gordon, 1995, Tsitsiklis and Van Roy, 1996, Kushner and Dupuis, 1992/2001,
Tu Oct 18 Autonomous Driving --- IROS Lecture by Thrun and Urmson
Th Oct 20 LQR, iterative LQR / Differential Dynamic Programming
Tu Oct 25 No Lecture
Th Oct 27 No Lecture
Tu Nov 1 Unconstrained Nonlinear Optimization, Constrained Nonlinear Optimization, Convex Optimization Problems Boyd and Vandenberghe, Chapters 9 -11
Th Nov 3 Unconstrained Nonlinear Optimization, Constrained Nonlinear Optimization, Convex Optimization Problems (These are same set of slides as linked to in previous lecture.) cvx_example.m Boyd and Vandenberghe, Chapters 9 -11
Tu Nov 8 Locally Optimal Control through Nonlinear Optimization: Shooting Methods, Collocation Methods, Model Predictive Control (MPC); POMDPs code examples
Th Nov 10 Motion Planning: PRM, RRT + variants Steven M. Lavalle, Motion Planning, Chapters 5, 14, code example
Tu Nov 15 Motion Planning: A* + variants, Likhachev slides Steven M. Lavalle, Motion Planning, Chapters 5, 14 Videos: Urban Challenge Parking, Quadruped, Mobile Manipulation; Papers: Likhachev, Gordon, Thrun, ARA*: Anytime A* with Provable Bounds on Sub-Optimality, van den Berg, Shah, Huang, Goldberg, Anytime Nonparametric A*, Koenig, Likhachev, Furcy, Lifelong Planning A*
Th Nov 17 Object Instance Retrieval/Detection To learn (much much) more, take CS280 next semester.
Tu Nov 22 Grasp Quality Metrics, Optimizing Grasp Quality Murray, Li, Sastry Chapter 5
Th Nov 24 Happy Thanksgiving!
Tu Nov 29 Personal Robotics. Guest Lecture by Steve Cousins, CEO Willow Garage abstract
Th Dec 1 Case Study: Autonomous Helicopter
Tu Dec 6 Project Presentations 3-6pm, 310 Soda
Th Dec 8 Project Presentations 2-5pm, 310 Soda

Related materials

Most relevant book for first 4 weeks: There is no direct match for later lectures, but here are some related resources: