Millirobot Fabrication Tools

Microlaze Laser Micromachining


Microlaze, a system for automated laser micromachining, is the main tool used to construct the kit of parts.

Based on a G-code file translated from a DXF file, this system can cut or score a variety of materials.

Details of how it is used to make the parts can be found in the construction kit part recipes section.

Folding Mechanism

folding fixture
This folding fixture is the addtional tool needed (besides the Microlaze system mentioned above) to fabricate the hollow, triangular cross section, stainless steel beam kit components.


The Ortho-tweezers is the tool at the heart of the automation process.  It is used to perform the automated or semi-automated dexterous manipulation of the construction kit parts into their final 2D configuration.

Hardware Manual for Constructing the Ortho-tweezers

3D Systems Thermojet 3D Printer

3D Systems Thermojet web site

Wax molds from the Thermojet printer are cast with Dow Corning HSII silicone rubber.  We then cast polyurethane in these rubber molds to make some parts like the holder for the 1 DOF wrist pictured below.

1 DOF wrist

For more details on related fabrication processes, see: MFI Tools site