Computer Science Logo Style volume 1: Symbolic Computing 2/e Copyright (C) 1997 MIT

Index of Defined Procedures

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This index lists example procedures whose definitions are in the text and procedures that you are asked to write in the text. The general index lists technical terms and primitive procedures.

(The HTML version doesn't tell you book page numbers; instead it directs you to the Web page(s) containing the references. Once you get to the page, ask your browser to find the text you want in that page.)


about.computersp Ch4 , Ch11
abs Ch4
ace.highp Ch13
acronym Ch5
addup Ch11 , Ch15
all.empty Ch14
already.wonp Ch6
arabic Ch15
ask.once Ch4
ask.thrice Ch4

best.move Ch6
better.groupie Ch4
bottom Ch3
breadth.descend Ch14
breadth.first Ch14

child Ch14
children Ch14
children1 Ch14
choose Ch6
chooseo Ch6
choosex Ch6
code Ch11
codelet Ch11
codematch Ch11
codeword Ch11
color Ch4
computer.first Ch3
converse Ch3
countdown Ch7 , Ch8

dash Ch10
diamond Ch7
digit Ch15
digitp Ch4
down Ch7 , Ch8
downup Ch7 , Ch8 , Ch9
downup.many Ch7 Ch7
downup1 Ch7
downup2 Ch7
draw Ch6
draw.board Ch6
drawline Ch6
drawo Ch6
drawx Ch6

encode Ch12

face Ch10
fact Ch11
fib Ch5 , Ch11
fiblist Ch11
find.advance Ch6
find.fork Ch6 Ch6
fingers Ch10
flushp Ch13
fourp Ch13
freep Ch6
french Ch11
full.housep Ch13
fullp Ch4

getmove Ch6
greet Ch3
groupie Ch4

halves Ch3
hanoi Ch8
hasvowelp Ch11
hello Ch2
hi Ch1

ignore Ch3
importantp Ch5
increment Ch3
index Ch11
init Ch6
initials Ch5
inout Ch7
inout.sub Ch7
inrangep Ch11
insert Ch13
integerp Ch4
item Ch11
itoj Ch12

jtoi Ch12

length Ch11
letter Ch12
letterp Ch11
letters Ch12
locate Ch13
lookup Ch11
lovepoem Ch8

make.path Ch14
make.triples Ch6
manyprint Ch8
meplay Ch6
min Ch13
move Ch6
movedisk Ch8
multiply Ch8 , Ch11
music.quiz Ch1 , Ch4

new.converse Ch3
newfib Ch11
newstate Ch14
nogap Ch13 Ch11
numbers Ch11

oddp Ch4
one.per.line Ch7 , Ch8

paircode Ch12
paircount Ch13
pairp Ch13
pairup Ch11
past.tensep Ch4
path.moves Ch14
path.state Ch14
person.first Ch3
person.move Ch3
pickmove Ch6
piglatin Ch11
playfair Ch12
playgame Ch13
plural Ch13
plword Ch11
poker Ch13
poker.init Ch13
pokerhand Ch13
poly Ch10
pour Ch14
praise Ch8
primer Ch3
printform Ch14
process Ch1
protect.heading Ch10
prsecond Ch4

qa Ch4
quadratic Ch4
query Ch3
quiz Ch4

ranknum Ch13
read.card Ch13 Ch13
realwordp Ch4
remove Ch12
reorder Ch12
reorder1 Ch12
repeated.number Ch6
replace Ch14
replace2 Ch14
reverse Ch5
riverp Ch14
room Ch14
rotate Ch5 , Ch12

say Ch5
sayrow Ch5
scramble Ch8
second Ch3 , Ch15
setkeyword Ch12
singlep Ch6
singles Ch6
size Ch14
slant Ch8
soap.opera Ch3
sort.beforep Ch11
spin Ch10
squaggle Ch10
square Ch10
squiggle Ch10
squirrel Ch10
squoggle Ch10
start Ch1
straightp Ch13
strip Ch11
strip.word Ch11
substitute.triple Ch6
swap Ch11 , Ch15

talk Ch4
threep Ch13
tiedp Ch6
top Ch3
total.quiz Ch1
tree Ch10
triangle Ch7
truncate Ch8
ttt Ch6 , Ch13

unique Ch11
up Ch7 , Ch8
updown Ch8

vowelcount Ch11
vowelp Ch4 , Ch11

water Ch14
win Ch14
win.nowp Ch6
win1 Ch14
wordify Ch11

youplay Ch6

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