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This index lists technical terms and primitive procedures. There is also an index of defined procedures, which lists procedures whose definitions are in the text and procedures that you are asked to write.

(The HTML version doesn't tell you book page numbers; instead it directs you to the Web page(s) containing the references. Once you get to the page, ask your browser to find the text you want in that page.)


abbreviation Ch2
Abelson, Hal Ack
absolute value Ch4
abstract data type Ch14
actual argument Ch3
algebraic equation Ch14
algorithm Ch14
allocation, storage Pref
analytic geometry Ch10
and Ch4
APL Pref
apprenticeship Pref
Arabic numeral Ch15
argument Ch5
argument, actual Ch3
array Pref , Ch6
array Ch6
arraytolist Ch6
artificial intelligence Ch13
assignment, indirect Ch3

back Ch10
BASIC Ch2 , Ch3 , Ch9 , Ch10
bf Ch2
Birch, Alison Ack
bk Ch10
bottom-up Ch13
bracket, square Ch2 , Ch4
breadth-first search Ch14
butfirst Ch2
butlast Ch2

C++ Pref
Carter, Cindy Ack
Cartesian coordinates Ch10
cascade Ch5
character Ch2
character string Ch2
cipher, Playfair Ch12
cipher, simple substitution Ch11
Clancy, Michael Ack
clearscreen Ch10
cleartext Ch1
cognitive psychology Ch6
colon Ch3
combiner Ch11
command Ch2
compass heading Ch10
composition of functions Pref , Ch2 , Ch12
computer graphics Ch10
computer literacy Pref
computer science Pref
conditional evaluation Ch4
connective, logical Ch4
constructor Ch2
context Ch13 , Ch15
continue Ch15
conversational front end Ch12
coordinates Ch10
coordinates, Cartesian Ch10
count Ch2
Courant, Richard Ch14
cs Ch10
ct Ch1

Dahl, O. J. Ch13
Dao, Khang Ack
data redundancy Ch12
data representation Ch6 , Ch14
data structure Ch6
data type, abstract Ch14
datum Ch2
Davidson, Larry Ack
Davis, Jim Ack
debugging Ch13 , Ch15
defensive programming Ch15
defining a procedure Ch2
depth-first search Ch14
Descartes, René Ch10
describe a procedure, how to Ch2
Deutsch, Freeman Ack
diagram, plumbing Ch2
Dijkstra, Edsger Ch13
Diophantine equation Ch14
domain Ch5
dots Ch3
dynamic scope Ch3

edit Ch2
editor Ch2
effect Ch2
efficiency Ch14
elves Ch3 , Ch9
Elvish Ch11
empty list Ch2
empty word Ch2
emptyp Ch4
end Ch2
environment, programming Ch1
equal sign Ch4
equalp Ch4
equation, algebraic Ch14
equation, Diophantine Ch14
error message Ch2 , Ch15
evaluation Ch2
expression Ch2
expression, logical Ch4
extra inputs Ch2

factorial Ch11
faith Ch8
false Ch4
fd Ch10
Fibonacci sequence Ch5 , Ch11
filter Ch5 , Ch11
find Ch5
first Ch2
flag variable Ch6
flat list Ch2
for Ch5
foreach Ch5
forever Ch6
formal parameter Ch3
Fortran Pref
forward Ch10
fput Ch11
fractal Ch10
frame Ch3
Free Software Foundation GPL
Friedman, Batya Ack
front end, conversational Ch12
function Ch5
function notation Ch2
function, higher order Ch5
functions, composition of Pref , Ch2 , Ch12

geometry, analytic Ch10
geometry, turtle Ch10
Gilham, Fred Ack
global variable Ch3
Goldenberg, Paul Ack
Goodman, Paul Ch4
graph Ch14
graphics, computer Ch10
graphics, turtle Ch10
greaterp Ch4

Hanoi, Tower of Ch8
Harvey, Tessa Ack
Have His Carcase Ch12
heading Ch10
heading Ch10
heading, compass Ch10
hierarchy of levels Ch9
higher order function Ch5
Hoare, C. A. R. Ch13

if Ch4
ifelse Ch4 , Ch13
iff Ch4
iffalse Ch4
ift Ch4
iftrue Ch4
increment Ch3 , Ch5
index variable Ch5
indirect assignment Ch3
infix arithmetic Ch2
initialization procedure Ch7 , Ch8 , Ch13
input Ch2 , Ch3
inputs, extra Ch2
instruction Ch1 , Ch2
instruction line Ch2
instruction list Ch4
intelligence, artificial Ch13
interaction Ch3
invocation Ch2 , Ch3 , Ch9
IQ tests Ch14
item Ch2 , Ch6
iteration, numeric Ch5

joke Ch1 , Ch3

Katz, Michael Ack
Katz, Yehuda Ack
kludge Ch2

last Ch2
Latin, Pig Ch11
left Ch10
Lennon, John Ch1 , Ch4
lessp Ch4
levels of recursion Ch10
levels, hierarchy of Ch9
Levington, David Ack
Lewis, Phil Ack
limit value Ch5
Lisp Pref , Ch13
list Ch2
list Ch2
list, empty Ch2
list, flat Ch2
listp Ch4
listtoarray Ch6
literacy, computer Pref
little person metaphor Ch3 , Ch9
local Ch3
local variable Ch3 , Ch7 , Ch9
locality Ch10
logic, mathematical Pref
logical connective Ch4
logical expression Ch4
Logo Pref , Ch13
lput Ch11 , Ch15
lt Ch10

make Ch3
map Ch5 Ch5
mathematical logic Pref
mathematics Pref
matrix Pref
member Ch2
memberp Ch4
metaphor Ch1 , Ch3 , Ch9
Mills, George Ack
Minsky, Margaret Ack
modularity Ch3 , Ch6 , Ch10
most restrictive test Ch13

name Ch3
not Ch4
number Ch2 , Ch4
number, telephone Ch14
numberp Ch4
numeral, Arabic Ch15
numeral, Roman Ch15
numeric iteration Ch5
numerical operation Ch11

operation Ch2 , Ch3 , Ch4
operation, numerical Ch11
operation, recursive Ch11
operation, selection Ch11
or Ch4
origin Ch10
Orleans, Doug Ack
output Ch2 , Ch11
output Ch3 , Ch4
Owings, Sanford Ack

parallel processing Ch14
parameter, formal Ch3
parentheses Ch2 , Ch4
Pascal Pref , Ch2 , Ch13
pattern Ch8 , Ch11
pattern, procedure Ch8
pause Ch15
pausing Ch15
pd Ch10
pen Ch10
pendown Ch10
penup Ch10
Pig Latin Ch11
planning, style of Ch13
Playfair cipher Ch12
plumbing diagram Ch2
po Ch2
pocket Ch3
pons Ch15
pops Ch2
pos Ch10
position Ch6 , Ch10
pots Ch2
pr Ch2
predicate Ch4
predicate calculus Pref
predicate, recursive Ch11
prefix arithmetic Ch2
primitive Ch2
print Ch2 , Ch3
procedure Ch1 , Ch2
procedure pattern Ch8
procedure, defining Ch2
procedure, initialization Ch7 , Ch8 , Ch13
procedure, top-level Ch3
processing, parallel Ch14
product Ch2
program Ch3
programming environment Ch1
programming, structured Ch13
Prolog Pref
prompt Ch1
psychology, cognitive Ch6
pu Ch10

question Ch4
question, yes-or-no Ch4
queue Ch14
quotation mark Ch2 , Ch3
quote Ch2

random Ch5
range Ch5
readchar Ch6
readlist Ch3
recursion Ch7
recursion, levels of Ch10
recursive call Ch7 , Ch11
recursive operation Ch11
reduce Ch5 , Ch11
redundancy, data Ch12
remainder Ch2
repeat Ch4
representation, data Ch6 , Ch14
restrictive test Ch13
right Ch10
right to left Ch2
Robbins, Herbert Ch14
robot Ch10
Roman numeral Ch15
rt Ch10
run Ch10

Sargent, Randy Ack
Sayers, Dorothy L. Ch12
scope of variables Ch3
scope, dynamic Ch3
search, breadth-first Ch14
search, depth-first Ch14
search, tree Ch14
selection operation Ch11
selector Ch2
semantics Ch2
sentence Ch2
sentence Ch2
sequence of instructions Ch9
seth Ch10
setheading Ch10
setitem Ch6
setpos Ch10
simple substitution cipher Ch11
Solomon, Cynthia Ack
space/time tradeoff Ch12
square bracket Ch2 , Ch4
stack Ch14
starting value Ch5
state, turtle Ch10
state-invariant Ch10
statement types Ch2
step Ch15
step, turtle Ch10
stepping Ch9 , Ch15
stop Ch4 , Ch9
stop rule Ch7 , Ch8 , Ch11 , Ch15
storage allocation Pref
string, character Ch2
structure, data Ch6
structured programming Ch13
style of planning Ch13
subprocedure Ch3 , Ch7
subprocedure/superprocedure diagram Ch6
subsets Ch11
substitution cipher, simple Ch11
sum Ch2
superprocedure Ch3
symmetry Ch10
syntax Pref , Ch2

tail recursion Ch7 , Ch11
telephone number Ch14
template Ch5
test Ch4
test, most restrictive Ch13
tests, IQ Ch14
thing Ch3
throw Ch15
tic-tac-toe Ch3 , Ch6 , Ch13
title line Ch2
to Ch3
top-down Ch13
top-level procedure Ch3
Tower of Hanoi Ch8
trace Ch9
trace Ch15
tracing Ch9 , Ch15
tree Ch10
tree search Ch14
true Ch4
turtle graphics Ch10
turtle step Ch10
turtle-relative Ch10
Twenty Questions Ch4
type Ch7

value, limit Ch5
value, starting Ch5
van Blerkom, Dan Ack
variable Ch3
variable, flag Ch6
variable, index Ch5
variable, local Ch9
variables in the workspace Ch6

Washington, George Ch4
What Is Mathematics? Ch14
Wirth, Niklaus Ch13
word Ch2
word Ch2
word, empty Ch2
wordp Ch4
Wright, Matthew Ack , Ch6

x-coordinate Ch10

y-coordinate Ch10
yes-or-no question Ch4
Yoder, Sharon Ack

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