Dixin Tang (CV)
University of California, Berkeley
Soda Hall 465, Berkeley
totemtang [at] berkeley [dot] edu


I am a postdoctoral scholar at UC Berkeley working with Prof. Aditya Parameswaran. I am part of Data Systems and Foundations group and affiliated with RISELab.

Before joining UC Berkeley, I obained my PhD degree in the database group of UChicago, advised by Prof. Aaron Elmore. At UChicago, I'm also fortunate to work with Prof. Sanjay Krishnan and Prof. Michael Franklin.

Research Interest

My current research interest is to build data analysis tools and systems for end-users, and mainly addresses challenges on three aspects:

  • Usability: how do we enable end-users with effortless and intuitive programming?
  • Scalability: how do we improve interactivity and reduce response time for analyzing large-scale datasets?
  • Cost: how do we provide a data analysis service on the cloud to reduce users' resource usage while not sacrificing performance?
I am also generally interested in query processing, query optimization, incremental view maintenance, and transaction processing.


I am currently working on several exciting projects that span on spreadsheets, data visualizations and dataframes. Active projects include:

  • Dataspread: a data system that combines the intuitiveness and flexibility of spreadsheets with the scalability and power of databases
  • Modin: a scalable dataframe system
  • Lux: a visualization recommendation library for data scientists to perform easy data exploration in dataframe workflow
In addition, I have several projects under incubation, including efficient asynchronous computation in data exploration, automatic program fix in spreadsheets, and more. At UChicago, I work on CrocodileDB, a new database architecture that exploits time slackness to enable new resource-efficient query execution. Please check out this video for an overview of my research on CrocodileDB.


2022-06: I will attend SIGMOD'22 in person and chair Session 2: Query Processing and Optimization

2021-12: I am invited to be a PC member of SIGMOD 2023

2021-11: I gave a talk about Modin at RISECamp 2021

2021-10: Two papers from Modin and Lux projects are accepted by VLDB 2022


Professional Services

Conference Program Committee: SIGMOD'22, SIGMOD'22 (Demo Track), SIGMOD'23
Conference Reviewer: IEEE VIS'21
Conference Session Chair: SIGMOD'22
Journal Reviewer: VLDB Journal (2022), Distributed and Parallel Databases Journal (2022)