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I am a postdoc scholar at UC Berkeley working with Prof. Aditya Parameswaran. I am part of the Data Systems and Foundations group and affiliated with EPIC and SKY labs. Before joining UC Berkeley, I earned my Ph.D. degree from the CS Department of UChicago, advised by Prof. Aaron Elmore. In addition, I'm fortunate to work with Prof. Sanjay Krishnan and Prof. Michael Franklin at UChicago.

I am currently interested in generalized query optimizations for relational and non-relational data analytical workloads (e.g., pandas dataframes, spreadsheet formulas, and machine learning) and efficiently serving these workloads in the cloud.

I will be joining the CS department of UT Austin as a tenure-track assistant professor in January 2024 and looking for Ph.D. students for Fall'24. Please read this if you are interested in pursuing a Ph.D. in my group.

Recent News

2023-06: I have published a video that summarizes my research in my Ph.D. and PostDoc. Please check it out here!

2023-06: Our paper "Visualizing Spreadsheet Formula Graphs Compactly" is accepted by the Demo Track of VLDB 2023

2023-04: I am invited to be a PC member of HILDA 2023

2023-02: Our paper "Efficient and Compact Spreadsheet Formula Graphs" is accepted by ICDE 2023

2023-01: The paper for Transactional Panorama is accepted by VLDB 2023

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