CS284 -- CAGD -- Fall 2012 -- Emerging Schedule

   8/23 C. H. Sequin
Intro to CAGD; course structure.  Interpolation; continuity, hodograph, winding-#, turning #.
 L2    8/28 CHS
zier curves: properties, construction, subdivision. -- ASMT: GENUS-2 OBJECT
 L3    8/30 CHS Composites zier curves. Intro to SLIDE. -- ASMT: HIGH_ORDER BEZIER EXPERIMENT
     9/03 HOLIDAY
=== Labor Day ===
 L4    9/04 CHS Hermite curves; Lagrange interpolation.  -- ASMT: INSTALL SLIDE
 L5    9/06 CHS Space curves and sweeps. -- ASMT: COMPOSITE BEZIER CURVE 
 L6    9/11 CHS Blossoming. -- ASMT: B-SPLINE SWEEPS
 L7    9/13 CHS B-splines, vertex and knot multiplicities. -- ASMT:  COMPOSITE BEZIER SWEEPS
 L8    9/18 CHS Circle splines, higher-order curves, globally optimized curves.
 L9    9/20 CHS
Surface patches, subdivision concepts.  -- ASMT:  PRESENTATIONS ON SUBDIVISION
 L10    9/25 class
Basic recursive subdivision techniques: Catmull-Clark, Doo-Sabin, Loop Subdivision.
 L11    9/27 CHS
Interpolating subdivision schemes: Zorin SubdivisionDifferential geometry of surfaces. 
 L12  10/02 CHS
Subdivision analysis. Root-3 Subdivision, Interpolatory Root-3 Subdivision Mesh data structures.
 L13  10/04 CHS
Data structure for dyadic triangle subdivision.  Sharp Features.  Paper presentation rules
 L14  10/09 Soham, Brandon
Laura, Eric
Marching Cubes
Structure Preserving CAD Model Repair.  -- ASMT:  DATA STRUCTURES
 L15  10/11 CHS An intuitive explanation of third-order surface behavior-- DUE:  PROJECT IDEAS
 L16  10/16 Laura, Michael
Surface optimization: Surface Evolver.   -- ASMT:  SMOOTH MUG SUBDIVISION
 L17  10/18 Soham, Brandon
Michael, Eric
Surface Simplification Using QEM
Progressive Meshes
 L18  10/23 all Modelling with Implicit Surfaces that Interpolate    -- ASMT:  TEXTURE MAPPING ON MUG
 L19  10/25 all "Venture Capitalist Rally" or "NSF Proposal Review"
 L20  10/30  Eric
Anisotropic Polygonal Remeshing
 L21  11/01  Soham
Texture Synthesis over Arbitrary Manifold Surfaces
 L22  11/06 Brandon
Adaptively Sampled Distance Fields
 L23  11/08  Michael
Isosurface Stuffing: Fast Tetrahedral Meshes with Good Dihedral Angles
 11/12  HOLIDAY === Veterans Day ===
 L24  11/13  Laura
Exploded view diagrams of complex mathematical surfaces
 L25  11/15 CHS
Sculpture Generator I
Interactive Inverse 3D Modeling

 L26  11/20 all PROJECT PROGRESS PRESENTATIONS :  Brandon;  Soham
   11/22 HOLIDAY === Thanksgiving ===
 L27  11/27 all PROJECT PROGRESS PRESENTATIONS :  Laura;  Michael;  Eric
Hierarchical Mesh Decomposition using Fuzzy Clustering and Cuts

No Class  -- Work on Projects

No Class  -- Work on Projects
L29  12/11
all Tuesday Dec. 11: -- Project Demos in 606 Soda Hall
L30  12/13
all Thursday Dec. 13: -- Project Reports Due

"Have a nice Winter break!"

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