CS 284: CAGD 
Lecture #28 -- Thu 11/29, 2012.

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Preparation:  Study:   Hierarchical Mesh Decomposition using Fuzzy Clustering and Cuts
==>        Make hardcopy printout and which you put your annotations as you "actively" read this paper.
               Bring this annotated paper to class on Thursday.
               Alternatively, if you are an avid on-screen reader, you may use PDF (or equivalent) to do your annotations;
               in this case, please send me your annotated PDF by noon on Thursday.

Warm-Up:  Some questions about this paper:

1.)  How might this paper be considered special among the various papers we have read in this course?
2.)  What is the main goal of this paper?
3.)  In what respects is this new approach an improvement over previous papers?
4.)  What are some of the key CS-algorithms that this paper makes use of?
       -- Think about how you would explain those algorithms . . .
Dijkstra's Algorithm for Shortest Route Problems:  d1  d2  d3
K-Means Clustering:  k1  k2 
Max-Flow Min-Cut Algorithm:   c1  c2  d3

Discussion of:  Hierarchical Mesh Decomposition using Fuzzy Clustering and Cuts

Preview of the remaining tasks in the wrap-up and closure of this course:

Final, formal project presentations:

This should be a  12-minute formal, audio-visual presentation,
-- like for a "short paper" talk at a major conference.

The goal is to leave a lasting positive impression with your sponsors, peers, or teacher.

These may be key elements of your presentation:

Some more hints for a good project presentation ...

Final written (on-line) project reports:

These should be formal reports about 6 to 10 pages in length,
electronically submitted in PDF format.
These reports should explain
to an audience who was not part of CS284
what problem you addressed and what you have achieved.
Please address the same issues as in the list above for your oral presentation.
Inclusion of several pictures is highly encouraged.

Assignment for Tue. Dec. 11, 2012:  Prepare a 12 min. formal project presentation. -- This will be rated by your peers.

Assignment for Thu. Dec. 13, 2012:  Prepare a 6-10 page final project report in PDF format and submit it to me by 4pm.

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