Kevin Lin

I am a first-year PhD student at UC Berkeley working with Joey Gonzalez and Dan Klein. I'm broadly interested in natural language processing and machine learning. I am affiliated with Berkeley NLP, BAIR, and RISE.

Previously, I was part of AI2's AllenNLP team and before that I was an undergraduate in the WuLab.

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Neural Module Networks for Reasoning over Text
Nitish Gupta, Kevin Lin, Dan Roth, Sameer Singh, Matt Gardner
ICLR 2020

Quartz: An Open-Domain Dataset of Qualitative Relationship Questions
Oyvind Tafjord, Matt Gardner, Kevin Lin, Peter Clark
EMNLP, 2019  

Reasoning Over Paragraph Effects in Situations
Kevin Lin, Oyvind Tafjord, Peter Clark, Matt Gardner
MRQA@EMNLP, 2019  
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Grammar-based Neural Text-to-SQL Generation
Kevin Lin, Ben Bogin, Mark Neumann, Jonathan Berant, Matt Gardner
Arxiv, 2019  

Deepbase: Deep Inspection of Neural Networks
Thibault Sellam, Kevin Lin, Ian Yiran Huang, Michelle Yang, Carl Vondrick, Eugene Wu
SIGMOD, 2019  

“I Like the Way You Think!” Inspecting the Internal Logic of Recurrent Neural Networks
Thibault Sellam, Kevin Lin, Ian Yiran Huang, Carl Vondrick, Eugene Wu
SysML, 2018  

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