• Understanding and Improving Transformer From a Multi-Particle Dynamic System Point of View
    Preprint (Arxiv 1906.02762)

    Paper Code arXiv

  • Hint-Based Training for Non-Autoregressive Machine Translation
    EMNLP 2019

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  • Efficient Training of BERT by Progressively Stacking
    ICML 2019

    Paper Code

  • Towards Binary-Valued Gates for Robust LSTM Training
    ICML 2018

    Paper Slides Video Code arXiv Blog Post (Chinese)

  • Reproducing Vectorization of the Tersoff Multi-Body Potential on the Intel Broadwell Architecture
    Parallel Computing (reproducibility challenge of SC17 SCC)

    Paper DOI

  • ParConnect Reproducibility Report
    Parallel Computing (reproducibility challenge of SC16 SCC)

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Honors & Services

  • Top 10 undergraduate thesis (School of EECS, Peking University)
  • ACM-ICPC gold medals
    • Dalian Regional 2016, China-Final 2016;
    • Xi’an Regional 2017, Ho-Chi-Minh City Regional 2017 (4th place).
  • Student cluster competitions
    • 6th place at SC16, 4th place at SC17.
  • Scholarships
    • Founder Scholarship (2015-2016, Peking University);
    • Huawei Scholarship (2016-2017, Peking University);
    • National Scholarship (2017-2018, Peking University).
  • Teaching assistants
    • Practice of Programming in C&C++ (Spring 2017, PKU);
    • Introduction to Computer Systems (CSAPP) (Fall 2017, PKU).
  • Reviewers
    • AAAI 2020.