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Dan Klein

Computer Science Division
University of California at Berkeley

Contact Information

Mail   Dan Klein, Sutardja Dai Hall, Berkeley, CA 94720



My research focuses on the automatic organization of natural language information. Some topics of interest to me are:

  • Unsupervised language acquisition
  • Machine translation
  • Efficient algorithms for NLP
  • Information extraction
  • Linguistically rich models of language
  • Integrating symbolic and statistical methods for NLP
  • Historical linguistics

My group is the Berkeley Natural Language Processing Group.  Here is a list of my amazing students, past and present!

I'm also interested in AI more broadly; we've been increasingly involved in search, planning, and agent design.  Our StarCraft agent, the Overmind, won the AIIDE 2010 StarCraft AI competition!



My education, in reverse order:

Stanford University MS, PhD in Computer Science 1999-2004
Oxford University, St. John's College MSt in Linguistics 1998-1999
Cornell University BA in Math, CS, Linguistics (summa cum laude) 1994-1998
Mt. Lebanon High School   1990-1994

Some fellowships / awards:

Some paper awards we've won:



Introduction to AI: At the undergraduate level, I teach cs188, the undergraduate introduction to artificial intelligence here at Berkeley, which I have been actively developing since 2006.  We are now offering cs188x, a free online version of cs188 (joint with Pieter Abbeel).  The cs188 projects we developed are available for use by other instructors -- see here (with John DeNero).

Statistical NLP: At the graduate level, I teach cs288, the statistical NLP course here at Berkeley.

Tutorials: My tutorials are below, in the publication list.



I do actually exist outside of the CS/linguistics world.  I took karate for most of my life, and then spent many years with ballroom dance. Competitive ballroom dance is just like karate, but with more music and less scowling. I competed and taught for the Stanford Ballroom Dance Team, and previously competed for the Cornell Team and the Oxford Team.  

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