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(2003-11-25 @ 2:20 PM) Question 5: What is the smallest board size we need to be able to handle?
Answer 5: You (the programmers) have control about your minimum board. You are writing get-initial-position which allows a modification of the initial position. You should allow the user to choose as small and degenerate a case as they wish. I.e., surround should be able to be played on a 2x1 board with both worm heads on both available slots.
Knights dance should be able to start on a 2x2 or 4x1 board will all the pieces there. Konane has no minimum size, and Northcott's game should work on a 1x2 board (no space to move anywhere). If you've been coding your game correctly, it should require NO change in code to handle these minimum games.
(2003-11-25 @ 2:15 PM) Question 4: We were wondering about the default board pieces and sizes. Can we
assume that our boards will start with at least two pieces, one from each player?
Answer 4: The default initial board configurations are given on the handout for each game.
(2003-11-07 @ 3:10 PM) Question 3: Why is make-board different in mtttt.scm from the worksheet?
Answer 3: That is an unfortunate bug. make-board could be written either way; it's probably cleaner to use the worksheet.
(2003-11-07 @ 2:10 PM) Question 2: Do we need to modify the representation of surround, northcott & konane so that we can store the rows and columns?
Answer 2: No, the number of rows and columns can be deduced from the current representations, so you shouldn't need to modify the reps for that.
(2003-11-07 @ 1:10 PM) Question 1: How big can the initial position be?
Answer 1: Infinite rows by 26 columns is the biggest we'll ask you to handle (columns specified by a letter; rows by an arbitrarily large number)



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