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Please point all questions, queries, qualms and quirks concerning this project to the friendly folks at the CS3 Newsgroup. Do NOT e-mail your TA or Dan with questions about the project, they will be ignored. Do NOT post your personal code to the newsgroup as it could be considered academic impropriety.

How to Connect to the Newsgroup

  • There is a link to the newsgroup from the help menu on the web portal.
  • For off-campus access to the Newsgroup:
    •  Goto Instructional WEB news utility. (Login in using your Unix Instructional Account login and password. This is not the same as your Course Portal login, but the login you use for Unix computer in the labs.)
    • Click "OK" to accept security certificate warning message
    • Click on the Black Bar titled "Change Subscriptions"
    • In the form, type: ucb.class.cs3, click Submit
    • Now click on black bar titled "Group Index"
    • You may now select the cs3 newsgroup link on the page to read the newsgroup


  • For those of you that wish to use the Unix application PINE to access the news group read this file. Disregard all the references to cs61a and remember to sign up for ucb.class.cs3 .


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