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Extra Credit

You can gain some extra credit by submitting the project and the checkoffs early. For those of you that are really driven we offer extra credit for implementing extra nifty features in your project. A nifty feature might include:

  1. Mouse Input
  2. Cool Animations
  3. More Cool User-chosen Rules
  4. Other features you think would be extra nifty.

Creating a fully interactive GUI requires a significant amount of extra effort. For those of you that wish to put in that effort we have provided the procedures that Gamesman uses to create the GUI. Also, there is a page detailing advanced graphics of gdraw.scm, but don't hesitate to read it if you want to enhance your basic output graphics. If you are interested in adding sound and animation to your game, a few useful procedures are given in this section.

There will be a presentation at the end of the semester where you can earn up to three bonus points for your rules, graphics and presentation. It will be held on the Sunday immediately following the submission deadline (2003-12-07 from 2pm-6pm in the Wozniak Lounge, Soda Hall).


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