Anastasios Angelopoulos

Ph.D. student in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
at the University of California, Berkeley

Student of Michael I. Jordan and of Jitendra Malik
Co-Founder of MHR Vision

Research interests

I'm interested in statistics for black-box models, motivated by applications to medical and computational imaging.


April, 2020 The World Health organization cited my paper on COVID-19 in their international guidelines for estimating the mortality rate.

May, 2020 The Harvard Data Science Review recently published my paper on COVID-19 as part of the special issue, COVID-19: Unprecedented Challenges and Chances.

September, 2019. I graduated from Stanford University 🌲 and began a Ph.D. at the University of California, Berkeley 🐻.

Recent publications
    • A. Angelopoulos*
    • S. Bates*
    • J. Malik
    • M. I. Jordan
    Uncertainty Sets for Image Classifiers using Conformal Prediction. 2020.
    • A. Angelopoulos
    • R. Pathak
    • R. Varma
    • M. I. Jordan
    On Identifying and Mitigating Bias in the Estimation of the COVID-19 Case Fatality Rate. 2020. [HDSR]
    • A. Angelopoulos*
    • J. Martel*
    • A. P. Kohli
    • G. Wetzstein
    Event-Based, Near-Eye Gaze Tracking Beyond 10,000Hz. 2020.