CS294: Quantum Computation

Fall 2011

Instructor Umesh Vazirani - vazirani@cs

Office: 671 Soda, 642-0572
Lectures: W 2-5 (410 HMMB)

This course is an introduction to quantum computation, as well as an exploration of the frontiers of research in the field. Topics include:
- The strange properties of quantum correlations exhibited in simple entanglement assisted games such as the EPR games, and their use in generating certifiably random bits.
- Connections between semidefinite programs and quantum computation: QIP = PSPACE and the quantum adversary bounds.
- Quantum interactive proof systems, and their use in proposed schemes for testing quantum mechanics.
- Post-quantum cryptography: the construction of very efficient classical lattice cryptosystems that are believed to be secure against quantum computers.
- The class of quantum states that can be described succinctly. This is the key to classical algorithms for simulating "easy" quantum systems.

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