CS268: Computer Networks Syllabus


There are no official texts for the course. As background, we suggest several texts:


This schedule and syllabus is subject to change. Please check for updates.

Date Topics Readings Notes
Mon 01/21 No class -- academic holiday
Part 1: Internetworking
Wed 01/23 Class overview
Lecture slides: LEC1
Mon 01/28 Internetworking: Architectural principles
Design, E2E Optional reading: Tussles
Wed 01/30 Beyond best effort
Active, RFC1633 Optional reading: FundamentalDesignQ
Mon 02/04 Routing (1): BGP
Notes1, Notes2, Anomalies Optional reading: FoundationalPbs
Wed 02/06 Routing (2): Alternate approaches
RCP, Consensus Optional reading: MIRO
Mon 02/11 End-to-End Congestion Control
J88, RATE Optional reading: GoogleFast, MPTCP, XCP
Wed 02/13 Beyond Unicast
Deering88, CBT Optional reading: SRM, SprintExperiences
Mon 02/18 No class -- academic holiday
Part 2: Infrastructure and Intra-domain
Wed 02/20 Routers
BufferSizing, Background Optional reading: RouteBricks, HyperCuts
Mon 02/25 Link scheduling
Optional reading: CoDel
Wed 02/27 Layer 2 (guest lecture by Radia Perlman)
SPT, Floodless Optional reading: TRILL
Mon 03/04 Management
4D, Ethane Optional reading: VLANs
Wed 03/06 Middleboxes
MboxBadness, APLOMB Optional reading: ETTM
Part 3: Tools and Techniques
Mon 03/11 Measurement (guest lecture by Vern Paxson)
PktDynamics, SoundStrategies Optional reading: VargheseNewDirs
Wed 03/13 Theory
Bloom, ConsistentHash Optional reading: ToNC, NetComplex, CountingBloom
Mon 03/18 Network Software
Click, MegaPipe Optional reading: Arista-EOS, RoleBasedArch, XORP
Wed 03/20 Overlays
ESM, DHTs Optional reading: RON
Mon 03/25 No class -- spring break
Wed 03/27 No class -- spring break
Part 4: New(er) Networks
Mon 04/01 Project Updates
Wed 04/03 Wireless
XOR, RoofNet Optional reading: Vehicular
Mon 04/08 Datacenters
Helios, VL2 Optional reading: TDMA
Wed 04/10 Software-Defined Networks (guest lecture by Teemu Koponen)
ONIX, Fabric Optional reading: Frenetic
Mon 04/15 New directions (1)
NDN, HomeNets, Estrin, Latency Optional: VanGoogle
Wed 04/17 Evolution (guest lecture by Scott Shenker)
JustWorks, OFlow, XIA, OPAE
Mon 04/22 Sensor Networks, DTN (guest lecture by Kevin Fall)
DirDiff, DTN Optional reading: SensorArch
Wed 04/24 New directions (2)
Mon 04/29 Project presentations (1)
Wed 05/01 Project presentations (2)

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