Assignment 2

Problem Setting:

A very rich donor, Anastasia Aardvaark, has promised to finance the new building for the small Computer Science Department. But rather than having her name on the building, she damands that the building itself be in the shape of the letter A or a.

Your Task:

Develop a block model for such a building in the shape of an A or a. Make sure that it has a gross square footage of very close to 40,000sf, and that it can accommodate the specified program in a reasonable way. You don't actually have to draw the symbolic floorplans for all the floors, but you should divide the RoomList spreadsheet and indicate how the various items are placed on the various floors (of course the sum of those groups of rooms should be close to 60% of the gross square footage of the floor), and you should make sure that large rooms such as the Lounge or the Auditorium can be reasonably accommodated. Produce an actual layout of the floor with the auditorium on it.

(CHECK: Which tools can handle floors with holes ? When do you have to make a single-contour polygon with a narrow crack ?)

Examples and Hints

Description of a new Polygon Editor Tool.

Description of the Slicer/Stacker Tool.

An example of slicing a complicated building

The building generated procedurally with "ugworm" from a skeleton:
The corresponding Unigrafix file

The slices produced in top-down order:
The corresponding Unigrafix file
and the Unigrafix file of floor #1

The corresponding floor areas:

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