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Harmonia-Mode has a feature that hides from view all structures of specified types. Each language has a list of structure-types that may be hidden when viewing files in the language. The list for each language is always available in the Harmonia-Mode menu under the "Hide" section:

In this example, one can filter all comments from view by selecting "comments" from the menu.

Original Program:

With Comments Hidden:

Notice that the comments are replaced with ellipses ("..."). Some filterable structures have other replacements. The next screenshot shows how punctuation is replaced with a space when hidden.

With Punctuation Hidden:

Future versions of Harmonia-Mode will improve upon this feature. For example, our structural pattern-matcher will enable a powerful user-specified view-filter (that a user could use to hide all debugging code, for instance), and a code-folding feature will allow users to elide specific, individual structures on-demand, rather than hiding all structures of a certain type at once.

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