U.C. Berkeley CS267/EngC233

Applications of Parallel Computers

Spring 2009

Posters for Class Projects

All students are from UC Berkeley unless otherwise marked

  • High-Throughput, Accurate Image Contour Detection (pdf), by Yunsup Lee and Andrew Waterman
  • CUDA-based rendering of 3D Minkowski Sums (pdf), by Wei Li
  • Parallel Particle Filters (gif), by Timothy Wheeler
  • Scaling Content Based Image Retrieval Systems (ppt), by Sushant Shankar, Christine Lo, and Arun Vijayvergiya
  • Towards a parallel implementation of the Growing String Method (pdf), by Stephen Elkind
  • Optimization of the Poisson Operator in CHOMBO (ppt), by Razvan Carbunescu, Meriem Ben Salah and Andrew Gearhart
  • Sparse-Matrix-Vector-Multiplication on GPUs (pdf), by Ozan Demirlioglu
  • Parallel RI-MP2 (pdf), by Matthew Goldey
  • Parallel FFTs in 3D: Testing different implementation schemes (ppt), by Luis Acevedo-Arreguin, Benjamin Byington, Erinna Chen and Adrienne Traxler (UC Santa Cruz)
  • Replica Exchange Molecular Dynamics (REMD) for Amber's Particle-Mesh Ewald MD (PMEMD) (pdf), by Lia Ball
  • Creating a Scalable HMM based Inference Engine for Large Vocabulary Continuous Speech Recognition (pdf), by Ekaterina Gonina and Henry Cook
  • Using exponential integrators to solve large stiff problem (pdf), by John Loffeld, Paul Tranquilli and David Hambley (UC Merced)
  • Clustering overlapping reads without using a reference genome (jpg), by Aileen Chen, Jerry Hong and Nanheng Wu
  • An AggreGATE Network Abstraction for Mobile Devices (pdf), by Ganesh Ananthanarayanan and David Zats
  • Parallel implementation of multipole-baswd Poisson-Boltzmann solver (pdf), by Eng Hui Yap
  • Finite Element Simulation of Nonlinear Elastic Dynamics using CUDA (pdf), by Christopher Cameron
  • Parallel Groebner Basis Computation using GASNet (pdf), by Christopher Wilkens
  • Accelerating Mesoscale Molecular Simulation using CUDA and MPI (pdf), by Christopher Ryan
  • Modeling and simulation of red blood cell light scattering (pdf), by Andrew Gearhart, Tarek Zohdi and Frans Kuypers
  • NURBS Evaluation and Rendering (pdf), by Adarsh Krishnamurthy and Sushrut Pavanaskar
  • Performance Variability in Hadoop's Map Reduce (pdf), by Charles Reiss
  • Utilizing Multiple Virtual Machines in Legacy Desktop Applications (pdf), by Matt Piotrowski
  • How Useful are Performance Counters, Really? Profiling Chombo Finite Methods Solver and Parsec Fluids Codes on Nehalem and SiCortex (pdf), by Kevin Klues and Sarah Bird
  • Energy Efficiency of MapReduce (pdf), by Laura Keys, Yanpei Chen and Randy Katz
  • Symmetric Eigenvalue Problem: Reduction to Tridiagonal (pdf), by Grey Ballard and Mehrzad Tartibi
  • Parallel POPCycle Implementation (pdf), by Ben Steffen