Gamesman - The "Shall We Play a Game?" Project
Gamesman: Shall We Play a Game? is a fun, enjoyable project emphasizing data abstraction and game theory to beginning computer science students.
A SIGCSE 2002 Nifty Project(tm)

News & Updates (old updates)

2003-11-07 @ 2:10 PM : A new questions and answers page has been added. The FAQ page contains important information on implementation of games. Please check frequently.

2003-11-06 @ 5:58 PM : As a reminder, students must use Emacs for their gamesman project. The Interpreter in course portal will not work! For a tutorial on how to use Emacs, refer to "Emacs Tutorial" available on the lab activities from the first week of the semester.

2003-11-06 @ 5:19 PM : Students who wish to work on their projects off-campus can find information on how to download STk (scheme editor and complier), or use SSH Secure shell (to connect to campus labs from home) at ucwise course portal under General Info.->Downloads section.

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