Murat Arcak 

Murat Arcak

Office: 569 Cory Hall
Telephone: 642-4804
Email: arcak@eecs*


Our group studies large, distributed, and networked dynamical systems with applications to smart cities, synthetic biology, and healthcare. The system size and complexity in these applications are beyond the reach of traditional control synthesis and verification methods, and call for novel analytical and computational tools. Our broad approach is: (1) to derive system level guarantees from appropriate abstractions of the components with a bottom-up compositional procedure, (2) to identify and exploit key structural system properties. We uncover such properties in applications and generalize them to broader classes of systems. Please follow the link to Research Areas on the left for a summary of current projects.

Newly published book

Networks of Dissipative Systems 

Networks of Dissipative Systems: Compositional Certification of Stability, Performance, and Safety

This book addresses a major problem for today’s large-scale networked systems: certification of the required stability and performance properties using analytical and computational models. On the basis of illustrative case studies, it demonstrates the applicability of theoretical methods to biological networks, vehicle fleets, and Internet congestion control. Rather than tackle the network as a whole —an approach that severely limits the ability of existing methods to cope with large numbers of physical components— the book develops a compositional approach that derives network-level guarantees from key structural properties of the components and their interactions. Code associated with the numerical examples can be downloaded at, allowing readers to reproduce the examples and become acquainted with the relevant software.

Class notes

Designing Information Devices and Systems II (EE 16B), Spring 2017 (PDF).

Nonlinear Systems (EE 222), Spring 2016 (PDF).

Signals and Systems (EE 120), Fall 2015 (PDF).


  • National Science Foundation

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  • National Institutes of Health

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  • Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency