Murat Arcak 

Murat Arcak

Office: 569 Cory Hall
Telephone: 642-4804
Email: arcak@*


Our group develops scalable control design and verification methods for applications where the system size and complexity are beyond the reach of traditional methods. We particularly address systems with many interconnected components, nonlinear dynamics, and learning and decision making capabilities. Our broad approach is to obtain system-level guarantees from appropriate abstractions of the components with compositional, hierarchical and learning-based procedures, and to exploit structural system properties for scalability. We uncover such properties in applications and generalize them to broader classes of systems. Current research topics include control of autonomous systems, networks and multi-agent systems. Please follow the link to Research Areas on the left for further descriptions of these topics.

Recent Classes

  • Signals and Systems (EE 120), Fall 2019 (notes)

  • Nonlinear Systems (EE C222/ME C237), Spring 2018 (notes) (website)

  • Input/Output Methods for Compositional Analysis (EE C220D/ME C230D), Fall 2017 (textbook)

  • Designing Information Devices and Systems II (EE 16B), Spring 2017 (notes)


  • Air Force Office of Scientific Research

  • Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

  • National Science Foundation

  • Office of Naval Research

  • United States Department of Transportation