Jacobs Design Innovation Institute, North of Soda Hall, 2014-2015

Construction of ample studio space for hands-on design and prototyping projects

PHASE IV -- Building Completion : Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony, Landscaping, Solar Roof ...

Bridge Part 2    A Crane for a Day    The Passage    Sidewalks    Landscaping   
Bridge Part 2 (August)

A Big Crane (August 17)

The Passage (August)

Sidewalk Construction (August)

Landscaping (August)

D-2    FinalTouch    VIP-Demos    Ceremony    Public   
D Minus 2 (August 18)

Final Touches (August 20)

VIP-Demos (August 20)

Ribbon-Cutting (August 20)

Public Access (August 20)

More Construction    Solar Roof    Street Repavement    SolarRoof 2    Stairs   
More Construction (August 21)

Solar Roof (August)

Street Repavement (Sept.1)

Solar-Roof Part 2 (September)

"Jacobs Ladder" (September / November)

Move-In (September)    Last Fixes (September)    Use of Jacobs Hall   
Move-In (September)

Last Fixes (September)

Use of Jacobs Hall (Fall Semester 2015)

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