Jacobs Design Innovation Institute, North of Soda Hall, 2014-2015

Construction of ample studio space for hands-on design and prototyping projects

PHASE II : Above Ground : Shear Walls and Steel Frame

Shear Walls    NorthWall    First Columns    First Girders    More Steel   
Shear Walls on F1

North Wall along Ridge Road

First Columns (Feb.13)

First Girders (Feb.13)

Much More Steel (Feb.14)

February_15    Braces    Decking    Roof Beams    Topping Out   
2nd Story Girders (Feb.15)

Battling the Braces (Feb.16-18)

First Floor Decking & Railing

Roof Beams (Feb.16-18)

Topping Out (Feb.19-20)

Welding    Lower Deck    Upper Deck    Walk-through    More Concrete   
Plumblining, Welding (March)

Lower Deck (March 19)

Upper Deck (March 30)

Walk-through (April 4)

More Concrete (April 11)

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