Jacobs Design Innovation Institute, North of Soda Hall, 2014-2015

Construction of ample studio space for hands-on design and prototyping projects

PHASE III -- Skin and Internals : HVAC Ducts, Plumbing, Studs, Wall Paneling, Windows, Perm-A-Barrier, Roof ...

HVAC & Plumbing    Studs&Pipes    Bridge Construction    Construction Progress    Roof Construction   
HVAC & Plumbing (April 16)

Studs&Pipes (April 27)

Bridge Construction (April - )

Construction Progress (May 19)

Roof Construction (June)

Interior    Windows    Exterior Skin    Progress July    Roof Part 2   
Interior (June)

Windows Insertion (June)

Exterior Skin (June)

Progress (July 2-13)

Roof - Part 2 (July 13-16)

Status July 23    Roof Part 3    Status Aug.7    Status Aug.13    Exterior Skin   
Status Shell & Interiors (July 23)

Roof - Action (July 23,24)

Interior Status Aug.7

Interior Status Aug.13

Exterior Skin (August)

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