Teaching and Mentoring


CS194-15: Introduction to Parallel Programming (Fall 2021, Fall 2020)
CS267: Applications of Parallel Computers (Spring 2020, Spring 2019, Spring 2018, Spring 2017, Spring 2011, Spring 2007, Spring 2004, Fall 2001, Spring 98)
CS294-93: Modern Parallel Languages
CS194: Introduction to Parallel Programming for Multicore (Fall 2007)
CS4: Introduction to Computing for Engineers (Fall 2004)
CS294-8: Principles of Fault Tolerant Computing
CS298-1: Systems Seminar (Fall 2000)
CS61B: Data Structures and Advanced Programming (Spring 2001, Fall 98, Fall 97)
CS263: Design of Programming Languages

Graduate Students and Postdocs

Reginald Frank
Alok Tripathy (co-advised with Aydın Buluç)

Former Students and Postdocs

Giulia Guidi (co-advised with Aydın Buluç), now at LBNL
Ben Brock (co-advised with Aydın Buluç), now at Intel Labs
Prashant Pandey now at VMWare Research
Marquita Ellis, now at IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center
Isra Nisa now at Amazon Web Services
Cristina Teodoropol
Saliya Ekanayake, now at Microsoft
Michael Driscoll, now at Tesla (co-advised with Armando Fox)
Phitchaya (Mangpo) Phothilimthana, now at Google Brain (advisor of record, supervised by Ras Bodik)
Evangelos Georganas, now at Intel Labs
Penporn Kaonantakool, now at Google Brain
Harsha Simhadri now at Microsoft Research India
Shoaib Kamil, at Adobe Research
Amir Kamil, now at the University of Michigan
Dan Bonachea, at LBNL
Jimmy Su at JD.COM
Rajesh Nishtala, now at Facebook
Kaushik Datta, now at USC/ISI
Brian Kazian, now at Intel
Rich Vuduc, Professor at Georgia Tech (co-advised with Jim Demmel)
Wei Chen, now at Intel
Jason Duell, now at Mozilla
Christian Bell, now at Google
Mani Narayanan, at NIH
Ed Givelberg now at Johns Hopkins University
Sabrina Merchant, now practicing medicine
Etienne Deprit, now at the Center for Social Computation
Noah Treuhaft, now at Docker, Inc.
Siu Man Yau, now in graduate school at NYU
Eun-Jin Im, now a Professor at Kookmin University in Seoul, Korea.
Greg Balls, formerly at UCSD (now deceased)
Randi Thomas, now at IBM
Carleton Miyamoto, now at LinkedIn
C.J. Lin
Deborah Weisser, now at Google Research
Ngeci Bowman, formerly at BIR (now deceased)
Arvind Krishnamurthy, now a Professor in the CS Department at the University of Washington.
Soumen Chakrabarti, now a Professor in the Computer Science and Engineering Department at IIT Bombay.
Chih-Po Wen, now President of Versalient Corporation.
Jeff Jones, now working at Yahoo.
Steve Steinberg, now a consultant.
Ruth Hinkins, retired from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (now deceased)