CS 301 -- GSI Practicum

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Monday August 29, 2005,  10:30pm-12noon, in 380 Soda Hall.

Introductions, Organization, Briefing for your first session.

Purpose of CS 301:

Getting to know each other -- Round-robin introductions

(Fill out questionaires, get your photo taken)

What does a GSI do?

-- make a list ___
(We will have discussions later about most of these topics).
-- You cannot possibly take care of all these things !
-- Negotiate with your professor who does what, and which are most important for this class.

Resource People for Teaching Activities

Key goals for your first discussion session
-- what do YOU think is most important?

-- make a list ___

... How can you achieve this?

What are you most anxious about?

-- make a list ___
  1. I am afraid to stand in front of a crowd

-- discuss these issues -- and some remedies ...
  1. That will quickly disappear. Most of the students are intimidated by you too!

Reference: "The First Day of Class" by Barbara Gross Davis

What techniques can help you become a better GSI / Teacher?

Coming Attractions

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