Lecture #7 -- Friday 10/9, 1998.

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Lecture Topics

Necessary fixes in your first designs

  • See also e-mail.

    Your Current "{am}Maze{ing}" Designs

  • Procedural Object Definition
  • Comments on Maze Generation
  • Review of current status of your designs

    The Kind of Things We Want to Do With SFF

  • Schwarz Surface
  • Boy Surface
  • and others

    Interchange Formats for SFF

  • .STL

    Specific List of Topological Surfaces for Design #3

    1. Figure-8 Immersion of Torus
    2. Elliptical Torus of Revolution
    3. Standard Model of Klein Bottle
    4. Figure-8 Model of the Klein Bottle
    5. The Crosscap
    6. The Roman Surface
    7. Boy's Surface
    8. Hunt's Surface

    New Homework Assignment:
    DUE: FRIDAY 10/16/98, 9:45am.

    Finish your current maze design so that it is ready to be fabricated on either the CyberCut system or submitted to an SFF fab house.

    Check your design visually and/or by viewing it with a 3D solids viewer.

    Learn to Use Two Programs in the Instructional Domain

    Hand in:

    Put your name on your hand-ins.

    PS -- If you have not fixed up your first designs yet so that they can be machined, NOW is the time to get it done.

    Next Reading Assignment:

    Information about the checking and visualization tools.

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