CS 284  
-- Splines, Sweeps, Subdivision, Smooth Surfaces --

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The course is an application-oriented introduction to splines, sweeps, subdivision surfaces,
modeling of geometrical objects, surface texturing and optimization, as well as
interactive techniques of designing geometrical parts.
It is aimed at students interested in computer graphics, HCI, vision, robotics,
as well as students in Mechanical and Civil Engineering, or in Architecture.
(Several recent PhD theses in ME have made good use of this course material).
This course is typically taught only every 2nd or 3rd year.

The course starts with an easy, intuitive introduction to splines and subdivision schemes,
establishing a solid foundation for the more advanced material,
and then gradually adds more math and details about algorithms, data structures, and applications.
It then progresses to the study of classical papers as well as recent research.
In addition to the core constructs, in Fall 2012 we will also specifically talk about:
Remeshing, Texturing, Implicit Surfaces,
Distance Fields, Point Clouds
Reverse Engineering, Inverse 3D Modeling, Surface Optimization.


"Interactive Curves and Surfaces," (with Multimedia Tutorial on CAGD), A. Rockwood and P. Chambers, Morgan Kaufman Publishers, Inc.
-- for first part of the course; a good easy introduction if you are new to the field of splines.
-- this book is not required if you are already familiar with splines.
An on-line version of this book is available at:  http://www.cs.berkeley.edu/~sequin/CS284/CAGD_LAB/

A reader, mostly from recent SIGGRAPH papers, will be put together for the second part of the course
to cover subdivision surfaces and more recend developments that cannot yet be found in textbooks.

Other books you may want to consult to deepen your knowledge on splines and subdivision surfaces:
   "Curves and Surfaces for CAGD," Gerald Farin, 5th Edition, 2002, Morgan Kaufman Publishers.
"Subdivision Methods for Geometric Design," J. Warren and H. Weimer, 2002, Morgan Kaufmann Publishers.

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