Welcome to CS188!

Welcome to CS 188!



Stuart Russell
740 Sutardja Dai Hall; 510 642 4964


Lectures will be in 2050 VLSB, TuTh 12.30-2.00pm.

Catalog Description

Ideas and techniques underlying the design of intelligent computer systems. Topics include search, game playing, knowledge representation, inference, planning, reasoning under uncertainty, machine learning, robotics, perception, and language understanding.

What will actually happen

You will learn to build intelligent agents - systems that perceive and act - for fully observable, partially observable and adversarial settings. Your agents will generate provably successful plans in deterministic environments, draw inferences in uncertain environments, and optimize actions for arbitrary reward structures. They will learn from observation and from rewards. The techniques you learn in this course apply to a wide variety of artificial intelligence problems and will serve as the foundation for further study in any application area you choose to pursue.

See the syllabus for slides, deadlines, and the lecture schedule.

See the course information page for information about enrollment, prerequisites, assignments, grading, etc. Note that programming projects will be done using instructional accounts (see here for account setup and submission instructions); interactive homeworks will be done on edge.edx.edu; and discussion will take place on Piazza.