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Maui shells

These mollusks were taken from Maui waters and photographed at night in home aquaria, Kihei, January - June, 1974.
The animals were observed under dim red light and photographed with a 35 mm Mimiya Sekor;
the film was Kodacolor; photographic lighting was produced by an ad-hoc, synchronized, three-element strobe system.
Contact sheets and original high-quality enlargements were produced by Eva Hecht Poinar.
The images shown here were digitized from those enlargements and processed further with Adobe software.
Porous Cowry
Cypraea poraria (Linnaeus)
Groove-toothed Cowry
Cypraea sulcidentata (Gray)
Alison's Cowry
Cypraea alisonae (Burgess)
Snakehead Cowry
Cypraea caputserpentis (Linnaeus)
Gaskoin's Cowry
Cypraea gaskoini (Reeve)
Fringed Cowry
Cypaea fimbriata (Gmelin)
Leviathan Cowry
Cypraea leviathan (Schilder)
Reticulated Cowry
Cypraea maculifera (Schilder)
Humpback Cowry
Cypraea mauritiana
Honey Cowry
Cypraea helvola (Linneaus)
Granulated Cowry
Cypraea granulata (Pease)
Isabella cowry
Cypraea isabella (Linnaeus)
Honey Cowry unwrapped
Juvenile Reticulated Cowry
Inconstant Auger
Hastula inconstans




Penniform Cone hunting

Male Spiteful Cone
Conus lividus (Hwass)
Female Spiteful Cone
Dusky Cone hunting
Flea Cone
Conus pulicarius (Hwass)
Cat Cone
Conus catus (Hwass)
Imperial Cone
Conus imperialis (Linnaeus)
Dusky Cone
Conus obscurus (Sowerby)
Oak Cone
Conus quercinus (Solander)
Striated Cone
Conus striatus (Linnaeus)
Penniform Cone
Conus pennaceus (Born)
Young Penniform Cone descending
Cloth-of-gold Cone
Conus textile (Linnaeus)
Hebrew Cone
Conus ebraeus (Linnaeus)
Ceylon Cone
Conus sponsalis (Hwass)
Morelet's Cone
Conus moreleti (Crosse)
Rat Cone
Conus rattus (Hwass)
Calf Cone
Conus vitulinus (Hwass)
Soldier Cone
Conus miles (Linnaeus)
Abbreviated Cone
Conus abbreviatus (Reeve)
Flea Cone
Chaldean Cone
Conus chaldaeus (Reoding)
Golden-yellow Cone
Conus flavidus (Lamarck)
Striated Cone's harpoon
Flag Cone
Conus vexillum (Gmelin)
Attempted sneak-attack on a Leaf Scorpionfish
Taenianotus triacanthus (Lacepede)
by a Striated Cone
Mulberry Drupe
Drupa morum (Roding)
and Brilliant Drupe
D. rubusidaeus(Roding)
Jeweled Anemone Hermit Crab
Dardanus gemmatus(Edwards)
Nodose Miter
Vexillum cancellarioides (Anton)
Hawaiian Olive
Oliva nitidula (Duclos), ssp. sandwicensis
Punctured Miter
Mitra stictica (Link)
Spotted Stromb
Strombus maculatus (Sowerby)
Spotted Stromb
Triton's Trumpet
Charonia tritonis (Linnaeus)
Maui Spindle
Fusinus undatus (Gmelin)
Coral Shells
Coralliophila neritoidea (Lamarck)
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