Zeph Landau

Contact Information

Department of Computer Science
Soda Hall
University of California, Berkelely
Berkeley, CA 94706
email: first name "dot" last name "at" gmail "dot" com

I am currently a Research Scientist in the computer science department at University of California, Berkeley.

In recent years, my research has turned to questions in the field of Quantum Hamiltonian Complexity. The questions I consider sit at the intersection of mathematics, computer science, and condensed matter physics with the quest of understanding the structure and complexity of many body physical systems. A nice brief description of the field can be found here.

In addition to this current interest in quantum computation, past research has focussed on questions in the fields of operator theory and signal processing, and Von Neumann algebras and subfactor theory. The questions I consider in these three areas share the common attribute that their underlying structure is determined by linear operators and the interplay and structure of collections of these operators. Collectively, this research is connected to a wide range of mathematical fields: computational complexity theory, statistical mechanics, signal, image and data processing, sampling theory, subfactor theory, C* algebras, low dimensional topology, quantum field theory.

I also have an interest in the mathematics of political redistricting. The work referred to in these articles 1, 2 appears at the bottom of my list of publications.

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