ASPLOS Wild and Crazy Idea Session '98

Final Program:

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  • Programming Biological Cells
    Slides: PostScript, PDF, PowerPoint
    Ron Weiss, George Homsey, Radhika Nagpal
    (MIT Laboratory For Computer Science)

  • Space-Time Memory
    Slides: PostScript, PDF, PowerPoint
    U. Ramachandran (Georgia Tech),
    R. Nikhil, J.Rehg, R. Halstead Jr., C. Joerg, L. Kontothanassis, K. Knobe (Compaq Cambridge Research Lab)

  • Evolutionary Compilation to Long Instruction Superscalar Microarchitectures for Exploiting Parallelism at All Levels
    Tom Conte (North Carolina State University)

  • Wavenets
    Whitepaper: PostScript, PDF
    Slides: PostScript, PDF, PowerPoint
    Note that slides are best seen with Powerpoint animation.
    John Chapin (MIT Laboratory for Computer Science)

  • Randomized Computation Networks
    Slides: PostScript, PDF
    Rick Hangartner (Tera Computer Corporation)

  • Introspective Computers
    Krisztian Flautner, Trever Mudge (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor)

  • 3D Macro-Cellular Automata Based on Spherical IC Lattices
    Andreas Nowatzyk (Compaq Western Research Lab)

  • MLP yes! ILP no!
    Slides: PostScript, PDF
    Andrew Glew (Intel Microcomputer Research Labs and Univeristy of Wisconsin, Madison)