Ana Ramírez Chang


PhD Candidate

Computer Science

University of California at Berkeley


360 Hearst Mining

Tel: 510- 642-1268

I am a sixth year PhD student in the Computer Science Division at UC Berkeley, working with the Berkeley Institute of Design. My advisor is Professor John Canny.

I am interested in human computer interaction and speech interfaces. For the last several years I have been investigating the use of natural language such as speech in environments such as the home or office. The goal is to allow users to control configurations of devices in their environment instead of individual devices using speech commands that are selected by the users, and thus natural for the users.

I will be relocating to Colorado in January 2009 and am currently looking for a job in the Boulder or Denver area.


Current Project

Illuminac: Natural Speech Interfaces for Environment and Device Control (aka SNAC)
Papers: UbiWORK'08
Presentations: Grace Hopper 2007

Recent Projects

Active Capture: System direction of human action
Subproject: SIMS Faces - automated picture-taking system

Papers: CHI'04, ICME'04, MastersReport'05
Videos: ACM Multimedia'03, CHI'04
Presentations: ICME'04

ACAL: Active Capture Authoring Language
Papers: CHI'05, DUX'05
Videos: DUX'05

Class Project: Multimedia Information (IS246) Spring'03 - Paper
Presentations: GUIR-2-25-2004