John Canny

John Canny in his office

Paul and Stacy Jacobs Distinguished Professor of Engineering
Office: 637 Soda Hall
Phone (510) 642-9955
Office hours: 1-2pm Weds in 637 Soda or on zoom

Grant Admin: Lauren Mitchell
634 Soda Hall
Tel: (510) 642-3417


Spring 2023: CS194/294-100: EECS for all: Social Justice in EECS (Course Home)

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Editorial Board member for ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction
EB member for IEEE Pervasive Computing Magazine
Program co-chair for Ubicomp 2013
I was a program committee member for CHI 2005, CHI2007, CHI2008, CHI2010, CHI2012 and CHI2014
PC member for Ubicomp 2011, Ubicomp 2012
PC member for ICTD 2006, ICTD 2007, ICTD 2009, ICTD 2010
PC member for ACM DEV 2010
I organized the Mobile Applications Workshop in May 2006 on the Berkeley campus.
Ubicomp Privacy Workshops: I co-organized workshops on Privacy at UBICOMP 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005. The first workshop was titled Socially-Informed Design of Privacy-Enhancing Solutions in Ubiquitous Computing, the second was Ubicomp communities: Privacy as boundary negotiation, the third was: Ubicomp Privacy: Current status and future directions., and the fourth was  Privacy in Context.

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Former Ph.D. Students

Paul Jacobs, 1989 (Qualcomm)
Greg Heinzinger, 1990 (Qualcomm)
Dinesh Manocha, 1992 (UNC)
Ming Lin, 1994 (UNC)
Ioannis Emiris, 1994 (University of Athens)
Aaron Wallack, 1995 (Cognex)
Ashu Rege, 1996 (NVidia)
Brian Mirtich, 1996 (Mathworks)
Yan Zhuang, 2000 (Qualcomm, number 3!)
Dan Reznik, 2000 (e-Solar)
Eric Paulos, 2001 (CMU)
Francesca Barrientos, 2002 (NASA)
Dan Glaser, 2004, (RPI)
Tom Duan, 2007, (Yodao, China)
David Nguyen, 2008, (Accenture)
Jeremy Risner, 2008, (e-Solar)
Ana Ramirez-Chang, 2008 (Oracle)
Matthew Kam, 2008 (CMU)
Tye Rattenbury, 2008 (Intel)
Jingtao Wang, 2010 (U. Pittsburgh)
Divya Ramachandran, 2010
Reza Naima, 2012
Andy Carle, 2012 (Marvell)
Anuj Tewari, 2013 (GE Software)
Huasha Zhao, 2014
Pablo Paredes, 2015
Biye Jiang, 2018
Jinkyu Kim, 2020

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