For a complete overview of practical information, see here.

  • Instructors: Instructors: A. Bayen, G. Ranade

    • Contact: bayen, gireeja at berkeley (always copy the head TA )

    • Office hours: After class on Thursdays: Thu 2:00PM – 3:00PM, 642 SDH (when Bayen teaches) or 421 SDH (when El Ghaoui teaches).

  • Teaching assistants:

    • Head TA: Sylvia Herbert (sylvia.herbert at berkeley)

    • GSIs/uGSIs:

      • Vignesh Subramanian (vignesh.subramanian at berkeley)

      • Armin Askari (aaskari at berkeley)

      • Helen Yang (helenlyang at berkeley)

      • Mong Ng (monghim.ng at gmail)

      • Tanya Veeravalli (tveeravalli19 at berkeley)

      • Suvansh Sanjeev (suvansh at berkeley)

      • Andrew Li (andrewyli at berkeley)

  • Material:

    • We follow closely the textbook Optimization Models.

    • You can also find the livebook useful. A livebook is a platform that allows users to post questions on specific parts on the text. To access you need to register (it is free to do so). I will try my best to answer questions posted there.


  • Homeworks: there will be a total of 10 Homeworks; some require the use of Python.

  • Exams: There will be two midterms (02/26/19 and 04/11/19, in class), and a final (05/16/19, 8-11AM).


  • Grading: 40% homework, midterms (30%), final (30%).


  • Discussion sections: See the front page's calendar!