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Mon Apr 29 13:25:36 PDT 1996

  • We will NOT do the video connect to MIT on Tuesday. Alex Aiken's lecture on parallelizing compilers will be in 405 Soda at the usual time
  • Thu Apr 4 15:52:27 PST 1996

  • We'll meet today at 6pm in 405 Soda for a TSP contest. If the room is busy, we will try to find another one (a guess, a large grad student office will do)
  • Tue Apr 4 10:11:38 PST 1996

  • Today's lecture will be in 127 Dwinelle
  • Slides for the lecture are available at http://www.cs.berkeley.edu/~ssmith/lecture.html
  • Tue Apr 2 16:29:38 PST 1996

  • The TSP contest will take place on Thursday evening instead of today due to the erratic behavior of the CM5 over the last few days.
  • Alan Adelman downloaded his matlab code that demonstrates the graph partitioning algorithm he talked about in class. The software lives in ~demmel/public_html/cs267/alan. You can run it by first starting matlab and then typing "tengdemo". It looks pretty cool.
  • Mon Apr 1 17:11:56 PST 1996

  • The next lecture (Tuesday, April 2) will be taught by Alan Edelman. As before, it will be in 127 Dwinelle, 12:35pm.
  • Let Eric Fraser (fraser@cs) know if and when ts-daemon goes down.
  • Fri Mar 22 16:42:52 PST 1996

  • Check out some additional information for the TSP assignment.
  • Tue Mar 19 09:49:47 PST 1996

  • Here is a sample input 150x150 matrix for the TSP assignment. You can assume that the graph is complete and costs of all edges are available in the proper positions in the matrix. Element [i.j] is the distance of a directed path from city i to city j. Please, make no other assumptions about the structure of the matrix (i.e. symmetry, etc).
  • Tue Mar 12 18:39:06 PST 1996

  • The due date for Asignment 4 (TSP) is April 1. We will have a TSP contest on Tuesday, April 2, 6pm.
  • Fri Mar 8 19:04:21 PST 1996

  • Check out the description of Assignment 4
  • The due date is April 1. Try to finish it on time - we will have a TSP race on the due date or shortly afterwards.
  • We will use the CM5 for the contest, however, if you want to use split-C, you can do development on the NOW. I'll put some information on how to use NOW on-line for those who have missed the discussion section.
  • Tue Mar 5 16:45:34 PST 1996

  • We will have a discussion session today, March 5, at 6pm in 405 Soda. Amin Vahdat, a CS grad student will speak about NOW (a network of workstations).
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