Wed Jan 31 19:51:30 PST 1996

  • A few people asked me about the format of MMCR file. It has the following format:

    40000000 00000000

    the second line is not necessary - it just shows which number controls which unit. If you have any other questions regarding the performance monitor, you may contact Oleg Zakharov

  • Tue Jan 30 02:36:39 PST 1996

  • We will meet today at 6pm in 405 Soda. We'll talk about using the CM5 and a Sparc SMP for the next assignment.
  • Fri Jan 26 20:18:08 PST 1996

  • A driver program for assignment 1 is available here
  • RS6000 timing utilities may be somewhat inaccurate when the load is high. If there are lots of jobs running on the machine, you may get numbers that are somewhat higher than they should be. If the machine is not loaded, the timer is fine.
  • We reserve the right to change matrix dimensions and the number of test cases for the actual contest.
  • Good luck!

    Fri Jan 26 17:25:29 PST 1996

  • If you are still looking for a partner or would not mind having another person in your group, please, contact S. Mustafa Oyumi (
  • Wed Jan 24 12:56:49 PST 1996

  • An updated class roster is now available on-line.
  • If non-EECS people need access to UNIX machines, they can get accounts on instructional computers in Soda. Please, let me know if you need it.
  • -Boris

    Tue Jan 23 03:14:01 PST 1996

    We will meet today at 6pm in 405 Soda. This is the first meeting in a series of evening sessions. Today's topics are:
  • POWER2 architecture features and how they may influence your design and implementation for Assignment 1.
  • General compiler optimizations that you may need to code by hand (especially if you use C) to make sure that optimal object code is generated: function call inlining, loop unrolling, strength reduction, code motion, induction variable elimination, dead code elimination, common subexpression elimination, etc.
  • Oleg Zakharov, a fellow grad student, has kindly agreed to come by and give a short talk about POWER2 hardware monitor and how it can be used to tune your code.
  • Fri Jan 19 00:00:15 PST 1996

  • Folks, please do the surveys and give/mail them to Jim Demmel (demmel@cs). The less time it takes, the sooner you will pick your team members. When you do, please send mail to me (borisv@cs) and I'll get you accounts on IBM RS6000/590.
  • Wed Jan 17 15:52:26 PST 1996

  • Assignment 1 , optimizing matrix multiplication for memory hierarchy is available. You should do it in groups as explained in the class introduction. The due date is February 1, 5pm.
  • Please, mail me the names of your group members to get accounts on IBM RS6000/590 -Boris