Wed Feb 28 23:42:01 PST 1996

  • You may turn in Assignment 3 next Thursday, March 7.
  • Fri Feb 23 23:42:09 PST 1996

  • Assignment 3 is now available. It is due on March 7. You may want to start on it early as it requires a fair amount of software engineering.
  • Wed Feb 21 19:07:37 PST 1996

  • Raymond Fellers and I added graphics to solaris threads solutions of Sharks and fish. If you are interested if your code does the right thing, look in ~sather/cs267/solaris_threads/gui on the sparcs.
  • Mon Feb 19 19:54:41 PST 1996

  • I put a solaris thread version of Sharks and Fish solutions in ~sather/cs267/solaris-threads on ICSI machines. You no longer need to ftp it from Soda. Note that this is a slightly modified version. The makefile available on the class home page works as it is only of you have environment variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH set properly to point to all needed shared libraries. The updated makefile should work regardless of wether it is set or not. You are probably better off using the version available on the Sparcs.
  • There was a subtle bug in the CMMD solution for problem 2. Thanks to Owen Carmichael for pointing it out. On lines 77-91, Fish[j] should be AllFish[j]. Click here to get a bug free version of the code with a more robust X interface (don't forget to reload)
  • Sun Feb 18 04:27:05 PST 1996

  • If you are still having trouble displaying graphical output for CMMD solutions of Sharks & Fish, you may want to try the updated version which is more likely to work with exotic X platforms. To get a solution for poblem 1 click here . Solutions for problem 2 are available here .
  • Please, let me know if CMMD continues giving you trouble. I was able to display the graphical output locally on a variety of machines.
  • Sat Feb 17 22:37:31 PST 1996

  • If you don't mind having an extra person in your group (a CS grad!), please contact Jeff Forbes (jforbes@cs)
  • Don't forget to set env variable DISPLAY properly and allow windows to be displayed on your local machines when running either CM5 or SMP programs. If using icsib18, in your local machine window you should type:
    xhost +
    You rlogin to icsib18 and type:
    setenv DISPLAY local_machine_name:0.0
  • Fri Feb 16 18:47:07 PST 1996

  • A few people had a problem linking and running CMF code. You should do compilation on rodin2 or moore and use rodin only to submit jobs to the CM5. If you type make on rodin2, CMF solutions to problem 1 and 2 compile and link just fine.
  • You may have problems with displaying graphical output for CMMD and possibly split-C. It works for the CM5 system administrator and myself, but some people reported problems with openning windows on RS6000. If you have a similar problem, just comment out calls that do drawing. You need to do it anyway for timing.I'd be perfectly happy to accept pictures for a single CM5 and a single SMP solution.
  • Thu Feb 15 22:46:21 PST 1996

  • ICSI accounts have been created.
  • The 4-processing Sparcs available to the course are:
  • Try to use the one with the lightest load.
  • All environment variables and paths needed to run pSather are set in .cshrc in your home directory. If you prefer a shell different from csh or tcsh, make sure you set everything properly.
  • pSather compiler is called cs. Look at the man pages for usage hints.
  • Solutions to Sharks & Fish 1 and 2 are in ~sather/cs267
  • To try provided solutions, copy them to your directory and type
    cs fish1.module
    Module files are simplified equivalents of make utility. They can be used to specify all options and arguments necessary for pSather compilation. Alternatively, you can specify everything at the command line. See man pages and Sather Web site for more information.
  • Mon Feb 12 21:06:14 PST 1996

  • We will meet on Tuesday, February 13, 6pm in 405 Soda. The topic is programming in pSather.
  • Notes for this discussion section are available here.
  • Mon Feb 5 23:38:08 PST 1996

  • We will meet tomorrow, Tuesday, February 6, at 6pm in 405 Soda for a matrix multiplication contest.
  • To make things run smoothly, you should name your program mul_mfmf_mf.c if it's in C or mul_mfmf_mf.f if it is in Fortran. You should place this program in your home directory on alfa-romeo. You should make mul_mfmf_mf.[cf] world readable before the contest. Also, please, list all compiler options you used in file called ``copts'' in your home directory. For example, copts can look something like:
    -O3 -qarch=pwr2 -qansialias
  • Fri Feb 2 19:35:27 PST 1996

  • Assignment 2 is due on Thursday, February 22
  • If you have a CS instructional account, you have access to CM5. If you are enrolled in the course, but do not have an account, click here for information on how to get one. If you would like to have an account, but you are not enrolled in the course, please, send mail to me.
  • To get accounts on the Sun SMPs you need to send mail to me listing members of your groups. There will be three 4-processing machines available to class: samosa.icsi, icsib18.icsi and icsib78.icsi. Your accounts will give you access to all. Use the one that has the lightest load.